Modern visitor management

Greet visitors while saving time and money with seamless check-in
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TEOS is a cost-effective visitor management solution that ensures visitors always feel welcome and informed, allowing them to sign in smoothly while notifying hosts of their arrival.

Discover how TEOS can transform your workplace

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Exude professionalism and innovation

Impress your visitors from arrival. Sleek, intuitive tablets* and personalised signage enable you to extend a warm welcome with a modern feel. Customise your content with a range of designs to ensure every visitor is on-brand and engaged.

Forget queues with simple sign in

Everything a receptionist could want. And everything you could want of a receptionist. Welcome visitors and allow them to enter and leave without hanging around. Or take the pressure off existing reception staff by making the check-in process completely painless.

Man stood at a reception desk. On the desk is a tablet displaying TEOS, allowing him to check-in all by himself.

Alert employees as soon as their visitor arrives

Why should guests have to wait while reception staff try and reach their host on the phone? Save their precious time and yours by automatically notifying employees by email or text as soon as their visitor has signed in.

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Know who is in the building at all times

Health and safety demands that organisations keep track of all occupants on site at all times. Ensure security and peace of mind with complete records of all visits, including centrally logged check-in and sign-out times, so you can always find out who is on the premises.

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Generate visitor passes at the touch of a button

Print passes without pause. Give your guests personalised entry info to display to employees during their visit as soon as they have signed in. No confusing tech or waiting for reception staff to access the printer. Just automatic.

Photo of a visitor pass generated by TEOS.

Find your way around

With wayfinding content for touch-enabled BRAVIA Professional Displays and tablets, users can navigate and access key information such as floor maps, hotspots and security locations. Employees can also book rooms on the go.

Photo of TEOS and a Sony BRAVIA Professional Display being used together to create useful digital signage in an office.

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Connect with and receive feedback from staff and visitors with our survey solution for tablets and receive real-time response data.

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