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Effective communication has never been more important. With our TEOS solutions you can ensure visitors and staff are kept in the picture with centralised, interactive digital signage, stunning large-format video walls and live TV, wherever they are in the office.

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Front cover of the TEOS range guide. A bird-eye view of a meeting. Title: Workplace Solutions Range Guide, Making Spaces Perform

Connect with employees and visitors with digital signage

Create eye-catching, personalised and touch-interactive digital signage and distribute it across our BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays across the network.

Finding your way around

Help users to navigate your building with wayfinding content for touch-enabled BRAVIA Professional Displays and tablets*, and access key information such as floor maps, hotspots and security locations. Employees can also book rooms on the go for seamless efficiency, and with no programming required, administrators just need to add their floor maps and calendars for simple, straightforward interactive wayfinding.

A man standing in front of a TEOS wayfinding map displayed on a portrait-mounted BRAVIA professional display. His arm is poised to select something via touchscreen

The bigger picture

Engage clients and staff with glorious large-scale visual content. Easy to create and natively compatible with BRAVIA Professional Displays and our TEP-X96 TEOS player*, you can sync content between devices and create a video wall of any configuration (1×2, 3×4, and so on). Creating a video wall solution has never been easier or cheaper.

A TEOS video wall in a contemporary office environment displaying a time-lapse picture of a city skyline at night.

Corporate TV

Manage and distribute live TV to your workplace and keep employees and visitors informed and entertained. TEOS uses existing IP networks so there’s no need to set up costly satellite or aerial systems. There’s no programming required and with pre-made templates such as picture-in-picture and side-by-side streams, streaming live TV is flexible and simple.

A busy corporate lobby with many people walking around and talking to each other. There is a BRAVIA display on the wall showing a live news stream from a 24 hour news channel.

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Asynchronous Working is the Future of Work

Find out how employers can ensure that they equip their workers with the solutions, software, and hardware that would unlock greater results for their asynchronous teams.
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