Workplace collaboration has never been easier or more inspiring

Vision Exchange for corporate environments

Collaborate. Connect. Create.

Vision Exchange Version 1.1 transforms meeting rooms into collaborative workspaces where employees and other partners can exchange content, ideas and information – easily and interactively. With Skype for Business and other powerful productivity tools built in, Vision Exchange makes more effective communications everyone’s business.

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Mirror content from laptops and tablets

Up to six meeting participants can simultaneously mirror what’s on their own mobile device to the main screen. It’s a great way for everyone to share their point of view with the rest of the room.

Work it your way

Add annotations to the main display. Brainstorm ideas on an interactive whiteboard and snapshot annotated content for participants to download to their own devices. And transform each BRAVIA Professional Display into a touch-enabled interactive screen with our slim, easy-fit touchscreen overlays.

Skype for Business

With Skype for Business built in, Vision Exchange makes it easy to talk and share content from any connected device, locally as well as to remote locations. It’s seamless, secure and made for business, and teamed with our SRG-120DU USB PTZ Camera, it’s the perfect solution to extend collaboration to remote colleagues.

Share all your content and devices

Share everything, with everyone. Vision Exchange can display content from other connected devices like room cameras, DVD and Blu-ray players. It’s also a great partner for our TEOS family of corporate productivity solutions that boost effective communications in every workspace.

Everything’s under control

All content – including participants’ mirrored laptops and other sources – is displayed on the main screen. Presenters can manage and arrange displayed contents via simple drag-and-drop gestures using a touch panel, web browser or wireless mouse.

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