PlayStation VR Live

Get deeper into the game

Live sport has never been so real

Slip on your VR headset. Grab your PlayStation controller. And immerse yourself in the thrill of live sporting action as you’ve never experienced it before. Sport comes alive with silk-smooth visuals, social connectivity and sports data insight. It’s like being right there at the match, only more so.

Watch PlayStation VR Live in action at the UEFA Champions League Final 2017

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A new experience

PlayStation VR Live turns broadcast sports content into thrilling virtual reality experiences. Extra camera angles. Match stats and analysis. Social media feeds. Virtual hospitality areas with themed advertising and promotional messages. They’re all right there in front of your viewers’ eyes.

Watch how ATP Media and Sony delivered a truly immersive, live VR experience at the Rome and London ATP events, including a virtual hospitality box, match statistics, social media feeds and cutting-edge 3D audio.

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Exciting new revenue streams

Sports fans have never seen anything like it. And this step-change for content owners is bought to you in a unique partnership between Sony Professional Solutions Europe, PlayStation and Hawk-Eye, the leading innovators in sports technology.

Together, we offer content providers and rights owners, TV broadcasters, event organisers, venues and commercial sponsors everything they need to create breathtaking VR experiences. And drive exciting new revenue streams, today and tomorrow.

Broadcast rights owners

It’s a whole new viewing experience. PlayStation VR Live augments sporting action with an immersive extra dimension. We’ll work with you to create uniquely powerful new sports propositions that fans and advertisers love.


Connect with a wider audience outside the walls of your venue. Stadiums and site owners can generate fresh revenues beyond on-site ticket sales, from pay-to-view to themed ‘virtual hospitality’ experiences. With PlayStation VR Live, you’re every sports fan’s preferred destination.


Think beyond TV. Think beyond traditional audience engagement. PlayStation VR Live extends your brand’s reach, opening up even more valuable new opportunities to get the message across to sports fans at home.

Get back in the game

Today’s youngsters and millennials turned off TV long ago. PlayStation VR Live is your key to re-engaging with the ‘lost audience’ of gamers and social media fans who’ve shunned passive content consumption for interactive experiences.


Virtually real, really simple

It’s not just about the big match. You’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is to transform any sporting event – large or small – into a thrilling PlayStation VR Live experience. We’ll do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on making every fixture special for fans.


Make it a date

With PlayStation VR Live the excitement’s always building, long before the start of the game. Our on-screen calendar lets viewers see what’s coming up in the weeks ahead, helping you pre-market events more effectively to sports fans.

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