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Digitisation is changing content production and distribution. At Sony, we are working with customers to take advantage of IP Live Production solutions to boost efficiency and drive growth. From optimised use of studio facilities, control rooms and Outside Broadcast vehicles to remote and shared production, we can help you realise the benefits of IP.

The Next Paradigm Shift in IP: Virtualisation and Orchestration

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Remote Production

Run more event productions from your broadcast centre, with minimal staff and equipment on location. Sony’s solution enables full control, returns, intercom, and tally information of remote cameras, even without CCUs. This is accomplished with compliance to the SMPTE ST 2110/AMWA NMOS specifications, and with no operational compromises at the remote site. 

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End-to-end Network Orchestration with SDN

Create premium content while optimising costs. Offered with our subsidiary Nevion, our end-to-end networked orchestration and SDN (Software Defined Network) control solution makes local and remote production more efficient, as well as helping resource sharing across multiple locations.

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Broadcast Control and Monitoring

Our Live Element Orchestrator (LEO) software takes care of everything from provisioning to monitoring, which makes centralised overall system management and optimisation of IP-connected facilities and resources possible—even across multiple locations. Our IP Live System Manager (LSM) controls video and audio routing, identifies source names, sets tally, and more. LEO enables smart IP live workflows for local and remote facilities, complementing LSM.

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Shared Production

The IP Live Production system enables studios, control rooms and production equipment to be shared within a facility, for more efficient use of production resources. In addition, it is highly scalable, IP switch vendor agnostic and complies with SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA NMOS standards, as well as the EBU Tech3371 and JT-NM TR 1001 recommendations.

Open Standards

Sony is making live production more agile, flexible and cost effective with its end-to-end IP Live solutions, based on open standards and specifications, such as ST 2110 and NMOS.

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Learn exactly how broadcasters and production companies can transform their live operations with IP and open standards.
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Case Studies

1P: Switchers and monitor screens

NEP Australia : Sony delivers all-IP production facility Hub

Room with switchers and monitors and people sitting in front of the screens and switchers

SIC Portugal : Sony develops all-IP production center in SMPTE ST 2110

OBVAN with red exterior

Sony assembles two large-scale ST2110 based OBVANs for CCTV

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Remote Production

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Sports and Live Production

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Live broadcasting in a new era