Critical leap day firmware update for PXW-X400/PXW-Z450/PXW-X500

Please be advised that Sony has released an urgent firmware update for the following products:
Sony is offering the firmware of the applicable products that have the applicable firmware version below.

[Applicable model and firmware version]

- PXW-X500: Ver.6.10 or earlier

- PXW-X400: Ver.4.10 or earlier

- PXW-Z450: Ver.4.10 or earlier

Sony is offering the latest firmware free of charge.
This latest firmware data can be downloaded from this website and you can upgrade by yourselves.

- PXW-X500: > For details and latest firmware download

- PXW-X400: > For details and latest firmware download

- PXW-Z450: > For details and latest firmware download


RECORDING FUNCTIONALITY WILL NOT WORK ON “LEAP DAY” FEBRUARY 29, 2020. The new firmware release will rectify this issue and enable recording function on February 29, 2020