Notice to owners of the Professional Disc PFD23AX

Decmber 10, 2021

Dear Valued Sony PFD Customers,

Sony have discovered there were some minor issues (deformation) caused in the manufacturing process of single layer models of PFD23AX.  This issue means that the drive may unexpectedly stop while insert editing.  

Despite the issues while insert editing, we can confirm that the PFD23AX can be used without any problems with recording and playback. 

If you have purchased PFD23AX with the corresponding serial numbers and are experiencing difficulties with insert editing, we would like to offer a free exchange of the professional disc. The details around timing of replacement discs will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. The issue of a free replacement will be made on an ex-gratia basis without acceptance of any liability in respect of this issue. 

We sincerely apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Applicable model
  • Applicable LOT number
    Please check the lot number printed on the master carton, or sub carton, or cartridge disc. If the last 2 or 4-digit is match with below numbers, they’re applicable ones.
    *******6X, *******7X
    *****215X, *****308X, *****315X, *****408X, *****415X, *****425X, *****525X, *****625X, *****715X, *****725X
  • Location of the LOT number
    Master carton
    It is printed on the labelled sticker on the master carton. The LOT number is the 9-digit code under the barcode. All 10 sub cartons packed in the master carton have the same LOT number.

    Sub carton
    It is printed on the labelled sticker on the sub carton. The LOT number is the 9-digit code under the barcode. All 5 cartridges packed in the sub carton have the same LOT number.

    Cartridge disc
    It is printed under the barcode on the back of the cartridge disc. The initial 9-digit represents the LOT number and the latter 6-digit after the dash (- symbol) shows the serial number. Please check only the LOT number to check the cartridge is applicable.
  • Action
    Sony offers the product exchange free of charge. For further information, please contact our PrimeSupport helpdesk.
Austria+43 (0) 1206092545primesupport@sony.comGerman
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(*) For countries not listed or for general PrimeSupport enquiries contact the UK helpdesk on +442039015558
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 – 18:00, excluding Local National Holidays

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