Leading UK independent takes advantage of Sony deal to complete 4K installation

Advanced cinematic technologies such as 4K are often associated with large multiplex networks, for whom a big-screen spectacle is a key selling proposition. However, independents like Everyman Cinemas in the UK are increasingly turning on to the accessibility of Sony 4K as a way to offer greater levels of service and choice to their customers – while future-proofing their business for years to come.


Everyman is one of the oldest and most well-established names in independent UK cinema, having opened their first cinema in Hampstead, London in 1933. As a boutique network, they focus on delivering a completely unique and memorable movie-going experience, encompassing unrivalled picture quality alongside excellent customer service and intimate lounge-style auditoria.

Now, as the first independent chain in Europe to sign a Virtual Print Fee (VPF) agreement, they are about to write an exciting new chapter in their long and proud history – by upgrading all 13 screens across their eight sites to state-of-the-art Sony 4K.

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We believe in creating a truly unique and memorable cinema experience that revolves around not just the film itself, but the whole experience we give our customer.

Andrew Myers
CEO, Everyman Cinemas

Sony solution

Just six weeks after signing their VPF agreement, every single screen in the Everyman network boasted Sony’s industry-leading 4K projector technology. Working with Sound Associates on the installation process, they were able to implement this deployment over a time scale that met the requirements of their board and site managers.

Through the unique Sony VPF agreement, which sees motion picture studios subsidise the cost of Sony 4K technology, Everyman were able to achieve this transition to the latest digital technology with a flexible financing arrangement.

Business benefits

Sony 4K puts Everyman Cinemas in a position where they are able to look towards the future with confidence and assurance. With a future-proofed foundation of technological longevity, they are now able to focus on building the lifestyle relationship they seek with their customers – without considering additional upgrades or development costs sometimes associated with moving to a new platform.

As they look to open new sites across the UK, the VPF agreement, tailored to Everyman’s individual business model and revenue availability, ensures they have a preferable payment plan that facilitates the expansion of their business for the foreseeable future.

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It was the opportunity to work with Sony that allowed us to commit to converting our entire portfolio to digital technology. We believe that the customer trusts us to show them the film of their choice at the best possible quality that it can be experienced. And that is what our partnership with Sony delivers.

Andrew Myers
CEO, Everyman Cinemas

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