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BRAVIA with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating

Professional display with high contrast and high brightness image

What is Deep Black Non-Glare Coating?

Our flagship BRAVIA BZ40L Professional Display features a ground-breaking combination of anti-glare and low-reflection technologies. You’ll instantly see the difference with punchy, high-contrast pictures that always look sensational, even under bright lights in retail stores, showrooms and corporate spaces.

Better-looking pictures that clearly stand out

Bright ambient lighting in retail stores, conference rooms and classrooms can mean grey, washed-out images. Sony’s Deep Black Non-Glare Coating is a big step forward in panel technology, reducing screen reflections and boosting contrast without compromising image brightness, detail and clarity. The result: bright, attention-grabbing pictures with rich colours and deep blacks that are seen clearly from any angle.

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Make sure your message is always seen

Screen reflections, glare and hazing can be big challenge when LCD displays are used for signage and other presentation applications in brightly lit environments. Manufacturers typically use two methods to combat this. The application of an anti-glare surface treatment to the screen ‘scatters’ reflected light rays to make them less noticeable. Alternatively, a low-reflection coating is added to the panel. Showcased in our BRAVIA BZ40L professional displays Deep Black Non-Glare Coating combines both technologies – delivering an unprecedented reduction in both screen glare and reflections that doesn’t compromise picture quality.


A microscopic unevenness is added to the surface of the panel. Incident light is diffusely reflected in all directions, becoming a whitish blur that’s less noticeable to viewers.

Diagram explains anti-glare with exiting light reflected in all directions

Low Reflection

A special coating is added to the surface of the panel. Incident light rays bounce off the surface of the clear layer, as well as the panel surface beneath. Interference between the reflected rays causes cancellation, reducing reflections seen by viewers.

Diagram explains low reflection with entering and exiting light
See the difference with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating
Professional display with a greyish image with reflection
No Anti-Glare, No Low Reflection

Strong reflections on screen.

Professional display with blurred reflections but low contrast and brightness on screen
With Anti-Glare only

Reflections are blurred and less pronounced.

Professional display with some reflections on screen
With Low Reflection only

Contrast is improved, but reflections remain.

Professional display with reflections significantly reduced and high contrast
With Deep Black Non-Glare Coating

Contrast is improved and reflections are significantly reduced.

With BRAVIA, sustainability in every scene

With growing demand for ever larger display screens, there is also the risk of greater resource and energy use. However, Sony’s sustainability commitments are realising efficiency gains from product development right through to watching TV and viewing screens.

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Sony's BRAVIA with a landscape image and landscape background

Discover BRAVIA BZ40L with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating

It’s the premium 4K HDR display that’s made for business. Available in screen sizes from 55-85 inches, beautifully styled BRAVIA BZ40L offers spectacular image quality with impressive brightness and Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology for high-impact pictures that grab your audience’s attention from any angle. With generous 32GB internal storage and installation-friendly features, it’s the truly professional choice when your image matters above all else.

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BZ40L series displays with high contrast images
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There’s a full range of display solutions from Sony – including BRAVIA 4K HDR professional displays, projectors and LED video walls – to meet your most exacting business requirements.

Professional display in retail store

Spark shoppers’ imaginations with colourful visuals and informative signage.

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Professional display in university lecture theatre

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Professional display in meeting room
Corporate Workspaces

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