Remote Teaching and Learning

Safely reaching every student, everywhere

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Helping universities embrace a new normal

The global impact of COVID-19 has transformed the higher education landscape. Facing the threats of limited access to lecture theatres and reduced revenues from overseas students, universities must reinvent teaching models.

Our flexible, easy to use remote learning solution gives students instant access to high quality academic content on their laptop, phone or tablet, whenever and wherever they want it. It’s the smarter way to help universities manage infection risks, maintain the continuity of teaching and stay competitive in a changing world.

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Enhancing everyone’s higher educational experience

Our solution combines Sony’s cutting-edge video, audio and AI-driven analytics with lecture capture and webcasting technology from UbiCast.

University teaching staff can deliver lectures just as they normally do, enhancing their presentations with PowerPoint slides and handwritten whiteboard notes. Pictures and sound quality are crystal clear, and the lecturer doesn’t even have to wear a mic as they present.

Lectures can be streamed live or securely recorded at the touch of a button for students to watch in their own time, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Rear View of student learning with teacher over the physics formular in thai laguage on black board via video call conference when Covid-19 pandemic, education and Social distancing concept
A diagram showing the typical system setup for our Education solutions system

Easy to set up and use

Our remote teaching and learning solution is brilliantly simple to use. There’s no learning curve for academic staff who can continue teaching as normal and focus on what they do best. Quick to deploy and easy to scale, our solution is equally welcomed by EdTech teams who can deliver universities’ educational objectives at lower cost and without time-consuming staff training.

Safer for students and staff

Our distance learning solution with UbiCast allows students to learn safely from home or while they’re on campus, streaming lectures on their own portable device. There’s no fiddly hardware or controls in the lecture theatre for presenters to set up or touch while they’re presenting. All recording, replay and system management functions are controlled remotely over IP, minimising AV/IT staff exposure to additional hygiene risks.

A student sitting outside on the grass while participating in online learning on her laptop
A lecturer standing in front of a display with handwriting extraction superimposing the text on top of him

Enriching lectures with edge analytics

Our award-winning Edge Analytics Appliance uses powerful AI technology to enable remote students to see what’s written on a blackboard or whiteboard – giving an even better view than they’d enjoy in the lecture theatre.

A student watching a lecturer present using Edge Analytics on her laptop

Always in focus

The remote camera’s movements are controlled automatically, ensuring smooth, professionally framed shots that faithfully track the lecturer’s movements.

A student watching a presentation on their laptop. The teacher is pointing at a blackboard filled with equations

Handwriting extraction

Lecturers’ handwritten notes and diagrams on a board are always clearly visible – even when students’ view is obscured by the presenter’s back as they write.

More immersive teaching with clearer pictures and sound

Sony innovation in audio and video ensures students can see and hear with the same clarity and presence as if they’re sitting right there in the lecture theatre – or even better.

A lecturer standing in front of a blackboard

Pin-sharp 4K pictures

Our remote-controlled PTZ cameras capture and stream sharp, crisply detailed 4K images. Powerful optical zoom ensures tight close-ups of the presenter and whiteboard.

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A student watching their teacher presenting on their laptop

Crystal clear audio, hands-free

Our smart ceiling-mounted microphone array uses beamforming technology to capture the lecturer’s words with impressive clarity, optimising volume and cutting feedback for better intelligibility.

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