4K movie releases

Movies shot, distributed and projected in 4K give cinema audiences an unforgettable entertainment experience with every screening. Check back regularly to see the latest 4K releases and classic reissues coming your way.

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4k, movie releases

Cinema’s never looked so real

There’s never been a wider choice of 4K movies for cinema audiences to enjoy. From this season’s biggest blockbusters to the hottest independent releases, 4K brings more excitement, drama and emotion to every screening with spectacular colour, contrast and detail.

The compelling choice

More of the world’s leading directors, cinematographers and film distributors are opting to shoot and release their movies in 4K. That’s because the immersive detail and realism of 4K creates a deeper emotional connection with viewers than inferior quality pictures just can’t match. So why short-change audiences with images projected in 2K that are little better than their HD television at home?

New life for classic movie reissues

Digitising and restoring classic films in 4K brings a new lease of life to some of our best-loved movie titles. 4K faithfully captures all the beauty, exquisite detail and rich colour of the original print, bringing today’s cinemagoers even closer to the director’s original vision.

The difference is in the detail

Once audiences have seen 4K they won’t settle for less. With four times the resolution of 2K, movies projected in 4K look crisper, sharper and more real. Even if you’re sitting right up close to the screen, there’s none of the pixilation you’ll get from projection in lower-resolution 2K.

Now showing in 4K

This year’s dazzling 4K release schedule includes everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters through to independent films, world cinema and restorations of classic titles. You’ll find them here – together with regular updates on the latest 4K movie titles from Hollywood and around the world.

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4K Cinema Projectors

Our HDR-ready cinema projectors add maximum impact to the latest 4K movie releases. There’s a range of high-contrast 4K projection solutions to suit every cinema operator, from smaller boutique theatres to the biggest PLF (Premium Large Format) screens. Choose reliable, long-lasting laser or energy efficient HPM lamp options to suit every screen owner’s operational needs.

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4k, movie releases