Experience the contrast: SRX-R800 HDR-ready 4K laser projectors

Our new SRX-R800 family of 4K laser projectors brings cinema audiences immersive high-contrast 4K images without the hassle of regular lamp changes. With industry-leading 10,000:1 contrast ratio they’re also ideal for screening High Dynamic Range content.

True 4K images on every size of cinema screen

Offering spectacular native 4K picture quality, the new SRX-R800 series of DCI-compliant cinema projectors deliver high-contrast images that audiences love. Ideal for smaller and medium sized screens, the SRX-R815P is rated at 15,000 lumens. The natural choice for larger theatres, the SRX-R815DS dual projection system delivers an awe-inspiring 30,000 lumen output – plenty for crisp, bright 4K presentation on today’s Premium Large Format (PLF) screens.

High contrast, HDR ready

Like all our 4K projectors, the SRX-R800 series brings a bigger wow factor to each screening, with vibrant colours and detail that 2K projectors can’t match. With an industry-leading 10,000:1 average contrast ratio – thanks to latest advances in Sony’s acclaimed SXRD optical panel technology – they’re currently the only HDR-capable laser phosphor projectors on the market. And that means they’re great for presenting the latest wave of High Dynamic Range content, giving audiences an expanded range of brightness levels, from sparkling highlights to rich, deep blacks.

Reliable, long-lasting light source

Inside the SRX-R800 is an advanced laser phosphor light source that’s rated for an operational life of up to 35,000 hours. That’s far longer than conventional xenon lamps that typically last for just a few hundred hours. So your audience can enjoy consistently pure, brilliant speckle-free images with every screening – and minimal drop-off in brightness level over the laser’s extended lifespan. What’s more, cinema operators don’t need to worry about restocking lamps, or the hassle and cost of regular replacements.

No more dark screens

With ordinary projectors, sudden lamp loss during a performance means revenue-threatening dark screens – and that’s something no cinema operator wants. The dust-sealed optical block contains six powerful Z-Phosphor laser units. Even in the unlikely event of one laser source failing mid-show, presentation continues uninterrupted at slightly reduced light levels: audiences can scarcely notice the difference.

Smooth, natural passive 3D

The SRX-R800 series is a brilliant choice for presenting movies in 3D. Moviegoers can simply slip on a pair of light, comfortable passive glasses to enjoy smooth, natural images with none of the flicker that plagues inferior ‘triple-flash’ systems. The high-brightness SRX-R815DS dual projection system makes big-screen 3D presentations even easier, with no need for lens swaps.

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