Sony Optical Disc Archive: A crucial part of any production

Allan Schwartzenberger gives a professional’s appraisal of the usage, features and benefits of the Sony Optical Disc Archive System – and tells us why he considers it an optical storage technology that is fundamentally better than tape.

Toronto-based Allan Schwartzenberger is one of a new breed of animals prowling the digital jungle. He’s a ‘Preditor’ – short for producer/director. His deadliest enemy in this wilderness? Data loss. That’s why he’s traded his tape-based archive system for Sony’s Optical Disc Archive. Schwartzenberger has been working in production and post production for the past 15 years. During that time, the landscape has changed dramatically, and budgets have gotten leaner while expectations have increased. Like many media professionals, he winds up wearing multiple hats. One of Schwartzenberger’s major challenges with the shift to digital production has been data management…

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Reducing points of failure means increased reliability. What's the point of an archive system that isn't as reliable as possible?

Allan Schwartzenberger
Toronto-based Producer, Editor and Director

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