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A birds-eye view of a typical home learning set up, with a laptop showing a lecture, pads and pens.
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Beamforming Microphone mounted on the ceiling of a classroom
Contactless audio for better sounding lectures
A Beamforming Microphone installed on the ceiling at San Diego University.
Beamforming Microphone brings hands-free audio clarity to lectures at San Diego State University
A lecture theatre at Lausanne University.
University of Lausanne re-invents remote learning with Sony
Remote Teaching and Learning
A young student learning remotely on her laptop, sat at her desk at home.
Hybrid Teaching and Learning
Foshan high school teacher using Sony's edge anayltics appliance to create virtual studio content
Sony helps Foshan High School create professional quality virtual studio content for campus TV
Greensboro lecture room with microphone installed
University of North Carolina Greensboro offers hybrid teaching with beamforming microphone
Smart campus
Interior of one of University of Central Florida campus buildings. Bright, Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays are mounted on walls, displaying attractive imagery.
BRAVIA showcases progressive learning agenda at University of Central Florida
A lecturer presents before a hall full of students at the Cyber University of Korea
Cyber University of Korea boost student engagement with video