The district municipality of Ate in Lima reinforced public safety with Sony security cameras

Public safety is currently one of the top priorities of municipal management in Ate, Lima, led by the Mayor, Oscar Benavides. To this end, 132 sets of Sony SNC-RS86N security cameras were installed to monitor the district in order to reinforce security throughout the jurisdiction.


The District Municipality of Ate, one of the most extensive districts in the city with an area of 77.72 km² and a population of more than 470,000 inhabitants, located in the department of Lima, Peru. Ate is a residential district of Lima, comprising middle class and lower-middle class family homes. There was limited ability to prevent crime and misdemeanours by the night watch of the municipality of Ate.


The client required surveillance cameras to increase and improve the level of response by the municipality’s security personnel. In order to realise the situation, accessing the right technology to enable monitoring of large areas of the city was required. Also they needed to ensure that an appropriate service of municipal personnel (night watch and police) is distributed efficiently throughout the main street of the district.


Sony solution

The 132 SNC-RS86N PTZ security cameras operate via fibre-optics and are installed on concrete posts at a height of no less than 13 metres, each provided with its own electricity supply. Their image information is sent to work stations, which monitor and classify any incidents. The system is available under all the challenging weather conditions of the region, even at a relative humidity of at least 80%, without condensation.


The installation was successful as they improved response time when small to mega event occurs, as well as monitoring of traffics. Moreover, optimisation of available resources has been improved. Thus the delinquency in critical area was reduced and people in the city who had been feeling unsafe were reduced.

Why Sony was selected

The main element that makes Sony stand out is video quality. This was clearly shown in the implementation of this project which allowed proper protection and surveillance of several thoroughfares of the city, as well as providing a deterrent effect against criminals. Another benefit of the Sony video surveillance systems is that they incorporate DEPATM Advanced video analysis technology, which makes it possible to monitor and analyse the information more efficiently, so that the system itself can take action by providing immediate warnings.

With this project, Ate aims to become the safest district in Lima.

Oscar Benavides
Mayor of the District Municipality of Ate

Additional information

Product listSystem integratorApplication provider
SNC-RS86N: 132 unitsSociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas S.A. (SICE)Intelligent Security Systems (ISS)

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