DPD uses Sony camera technology to monitor package distribution

DPD, the international package and express delivery service provider, recently had 650 Sony cameras installed in its newly built package trans-shipment centre in Erftstadt. The installaltion enables the company to monitor the distribution belts as well as prepare freight for ongoing shipment. With a throughput of 18,000 packages an hour, Erftstadt is Germany’s best-performing DPD depot.


Transporting 2.5 million packages a day, DPD is one of the leading international package and express delivery service providers in Germany. It employs a workforce of 24,000 and runs a fleet of 18,000 vehicles. DPD is the leading German service provider in national and international package distribution for business customers. It has 75 depots and more than 4,000 DPD ‘Package Shops’. 7,500 employees and 7,000 vehicles work and drive for its customers on a daily basis.

The DPD subsidiary in Erftstadt has the best performance record in the network. At the end of December 2012, it replaced the company’s Frechen site and services a large region, including the Cologne area. Construction started back in August 2011 with the company investing about €42 million.


The site for the new subsidiary covers a total of 8.3 hectares with the trans-shipment building measuring 13,000 m² by itself. The ultra-modern conveyor system is capable of handling more than 18,000 packages an hour, all of which are weighed, scanned and measured automatically, before being routed to their respective loading bays.

With its package transportation, DPD utilises a seamless form of shipment tracking. DPD monitors the sorting lines with a multitude of cameras to ensure it is aware at any time where a given package is during the sorting process. This requires rugged devices with high-quality housings. In addition, a high proportion of these cameras had to be installed during ongoing preliminary inspections.

The solution

DPD appointed multimedia network organisation Stühler GmbH & Co. KG (M.N.O.) with planning, delivering and implementating the custom-built Video Security solution.

Sony‘s SNC-CH220 is a high-definition camera with a resolution of 1080p for interior use, while the SNC-CH120 is a fixed-location network camera with a resolution of 720p and intelligent motion detection. Both models support dual-streaming for H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG at full screen resolution. They are ONVIF-compliant with an True Day/Night function and DEPA.

For the vast majority of its interior cameras, DPD uses the SNC-DH120T model, a sabotage-proofed ONVIF-compliant minidome network camera with HD (720p), electronic day/night setting and DEPA. The stream-squared function enables simultaneous transmission of two videos with a 4:3 image format.

To protect the exterior area, M.N.O. recommended the SNC-CH120 together with the SNC-DH260, an ONVIF-compliant HD camera with fixed-dome. This protects it against dirt and humidity through its robust casing and delivers high image quality when there is poor visibility.

The result

After the testing process, the video solution was proclaimed entirely fit for purpose. The large number of installed cameras and their integrated pan and tilt function are able to cover areas that were previously difficult to view and monitor. The cameras are also ideally protected against dirt and do not require any time-consuming and costly maintenance work.

Why Sony was selected

With an order of 650 cameras, costs are an important factor in the decision making process. The Sony models convinced DPD with their impressive price:performance ratio. In addition, they also scored highly in terms of image quality and ease of use.

Last but not least, DPD and Sony can already look back at a successful business relationship spanning many years with Sony being one of DPD’s biggest customers. For many years now, the package service provider has dealt with the handling and transport operations for the Sony Consumer division at the Cologne Logistics Centre.

With this new camera technology from Sony, we are able to keep a close eye on every package being handled in our depot at all times.

Martin Klein
DPD subsidiary manager in Erftstadt

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