Sony network cameras help Indore Police improve road traffic management

Big cities demand effective road traffic management solutions. In collaboration with Sony India, Indore Police has installed a total of 210 SNC-CH120, SNC-CH240 and ER580 security cameras as part of the city’s automated Red Light Violation Detection system. The cameras are integrated with a system that automatically generates electronic penalty notices (e-Challans), helping Indore Police reduce offending rates and improve road safety.

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Indore is the largest city of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. A thriving commercial centre with an increasing population, the city and its tourism industry are growing rapidly.


Indore’s growing population has been accompanied by an increase in crime, with robberies and traffic violation topping the list. Indore Police required a technological advancement that would contribute to improved traffic management and lower offending levels, together with a reduction in personnel requirements.

Sony solution

To enhance traffic management and road safety, Indore Police selected 15 major road junctions in the city. Approximately 13 Sony IP security cameras have been installed at each junction – a combination of SNC-CH120, SNC-CH240 and SNC-ER580 models.

As a key part of the city’s RLVD (Red Light Violation Detection) system, the SNC-CH120 cameras are used to accurately document vehicle number plate information with High Definition detail. At the same time, the SNC-CH240 cameras are used to capture supporting visual evidence from traffic light signals.

RLVD (Red Light Violation Detection) system to capture the image of any motor vehicle crossing the defined area (actual image by SNC-CH240).

Whenever a traffic signal turns red, it creates a ‘virtual stop line’. The SNC-CH240 camera immediately captures the image of any motor vehicle crossing this line as a Red Light Violation event. Vehicle and traffic light signal information from each specific location are integrated by the Motor Vehicle Department’s website, and an e-challan (penalty notice) being issued from the collected data.

Close-up shot for number plate capturing (actual image by SNC-CH120). Number plate is masked for privacy.

In addition to enabling Indore’s RLVD system, the Sony network cameras also help with general monitoring of traffic violations and illegal parking. In particular, the SNC-ER580 is an ideal choice for general surveillance, delivering excellent Full HD picture quality with high-speed 360-degree endless panning and a wide tilt range to monitor a large area. Its powerful 20x optical zoom assists with accurate identification and tracking of target subjects near road junctions.


Indore’s Police Department has seen an immediate reduction in the incidence of traffic violations, with e-challans being generated on the basis of firm visual evidence. The actual image shot by Sony security camera helps to avoid the trouble and generate revenues of the city. Implementing the system has also resulted in a positive change in the behaviour of drivers in the city.

Why Sony was selected

Sony cameras made them an ideal choice for effective surveillance, crime protection and deterrence with its high image quality even in low light conditions or with strong backlighting, wide field of view to capture a few lanes at once, reliable operation and integrated DEPA Advanced analytics to monitor and analyse the information more efficiently.

“The new system has definitely helps us to improve traffic in the city and also reduce red light violations” says Mr. V.K. Maheshwari, Inspector General of Police, Indore City. “Sony IP cameras helps us monitor sensitive areas and junctions. The integrator Technosys Security Systems was also of great support with their expertise and efforts throughout this project.”

Additional information

Product listSystem integratorApplication provider
SNC-CH120: 130 unitsTechnosys security systems Pvt. Ltd.Videonetics
SNC-CH240: 65 unitsTechnosys security systems Pvt. Ltd.Videonetics
SNC-ER580: 15 unitsTechnosys security systems Pvt. Ltd.Videonetics

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