AWS-G500 (AWSG500)Discontinued

Standard Definition configuration of the Anycast Station - a unique portable solution incorporating video switching and audio mixing with high quality LCD display for producing live broadcast events.


For professional live event broadcasting - anywhere
The Anycast Station is an integrated, portable and easy to use solution that can be used by customers that require professional results and mobility. The Anycast Station's all-in-one design helps keep set-up time to a minimum, and allows it to be easily moved from location to location. Measuring just 424 x 114 x 354 mm (W x H x D) and weighing around 8kg, the Anycast Station is compact enough to be carried by hand, yet has a number of professional features you would expect for live event content production - including RGB and video inputs and outputs.

The Anycast Station now has two optional interface modules that extend the system's wide capabilities: the BKAW-560 HD Analogue Component I/O Module and the BKAW-590 HD-SDI I/O Module. End users can now migrate from analogue to digital or SDI to HD simply by swapping the modular BKAW interface cards.
Convenient all-in-one solution
As the Anycast Station has many integrated functions in one unit, it can save valuable time and labour when setting up and packing away.
Fewer potential hardware issues as the video switcher, audio mixer and monitor are integrated into one system.
Highly Portable
Its compact size means that the Anycast Station can be easily moved from location to location and is even small enough to be carried by hand.
The Anycast Station allows a number of cameras, storage solutions and additional hardware to be connected to meet your needs.
Can be used for various live events broadcasting, web streaming and storage for post-production editing.
The Sony Anycast brings professional quality, usability, and high portability at an affordable price to any event.


Video Switcher
Have up to 6 primary input feeds
Audio Mixer
48KHz/24bit Processing, 6 Channel Input Mixing, Real Channel Faders and a Master Fader, Stereo Speakers
High resolution 15" LCD Screen
15" High resolution (1280 x 800), High Brightness LCD display
Camera Control
VISCA control port implemented, Colour, Zoom, Iris, Pan, Tilt, Focus
i-LINK (IEEE 1394)
Connect external devices (such as storage) via fast i-LINK interface
Intercom I/O
Stay in contact with director or camera operators for smooth transitions