UNI-RMB1 (UNIRMB1)Discontinued

Parapet mount bracket


White parapet mount bracket
Sony's UNIRMB1 Parapet Mount Bracket (White) for the SNC-FDP8C2/SY is designed to mount your dome-enclosed SNC-RZ30N network camera on a roof parapet. The angled head extends 28.38-inch (72.09 cm) horizontally and rises 22.19-inch (56.36 cm) above the mounting bracket. It can even extend further if you buy custom lengths of standard 1.5-inch (3.81 cm) NPT threaded pipe. The UNIRMB1 has a white finish. Its convenient design lets you easily swing the dome back over the roof for servicing, then out again when done.
Mount on parapets
This specialised mount is angled so you can easily mount security cameras on roof top parapets.


Smart Design
You can modify the length of the mount as needed using standard NPT pipe (not included). The swivel head also lets you retract the dome back over the roof for hassle-free maintenance.
Cable Access
Draw cables through the body of the mount and out through the wall plate, keeping wires neat and unexposed.
Support heavy loads
The UNIRMB1 supports equipment weighing up to 50 lb (22.68 kg) for added strength and security.