Stunning pictures in every setting


The entertainment industry is changing. New media is creating greater choice for audiences and we’re consuming more media and more entertainment than ever before. To offer new and exciting experiences, the entertainment industry must keep up with the latest technology to immerse viewers and attract new audiences.

Our industry-leading projectors create stunning pictures in every setting, from movie theatres to art galleries and from planetariums to your living room. Featuring innovations like up to 8K resolution and laser-light source technology, our projectors deliver rich, high-contrast images to impress even the most discerning viewers.

Movie theatres

Immerse your audience in the ultimate entertainment experience with our industry-leading 4K Digital Cinema projectors. From small independent cinemas to large multiplexes, our movie theatre solutions help you attract new audiences, drive fresh revenues and keep costs low.

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Home Cinema

Enjoy movies, games and much more with Home Cinema projectors from Sony. With clear, bright, high-contrast images in 4K and 3D, our Home Cinema solutions bring an immersive cinema experience to your living room.

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Visitor attractions

From museums and galleries to planetariums, video exhibits can make a powerful impression on visitors. Our visualisation and simulation projectors feature innovative SXRD technology, bringing crisp and detailed high-contrast images to any installation. Line up multiple projectors to create seamless multiscreen displays for stunning exhibits.

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