Transforming the conventional operating room

Solutions to unleash the power of digital connectivity

A surgery in a modern digital OR, connected via NUCLeUS

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The future of surgery starts with a digital OR. And we can make that vision a reality. We offer solutions that transform the imaging workflows across hospitals – bringing greater efficiency, subsequently strengthening standards of patient care.

Connecting operating rooms at Alder Hey, UK

Our imaging innovation enables surgeons at Alder Hey children’s hospital to share HD video instantly between operation rooms – or distribute footage to teaching staff and students anywhere on campus.

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Doctor treating a child in a hospital

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Surgeons in a digital OR

Transforming the conventional operating room

NUCLeUSTM is our powerful video-over-IP platform that transforms surgical workflow in today’s connected hospitals. Flexible and scalable, NUCLeUSTM empowers surgeons and clinical staff to plan, route, record and share medical data – inside and outside the OR.

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Surgical Monitors

Imaging Cameras

IP Cameras

4K visualisation to deliver the detail

Medical imaging in 4K brings an extra dimension of detail to surgical visualisation. Our 4K workflow solutions for healthcare allow surgeons, operation room staff, consultants and students to view and store images from clinical procedures with improved precision.

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Surgeons viewing 4K content on Sony 4K surgical monitors

4K Surgical Monitors

4K Medical Recorder


Doctor showing medical students surgical content on a Sony 4K 3D monitor

4K 3D for surgical procedures

Viewing minimally invasive surgical procedures in 3D with 4K resolution offers superior depth perspective and additional detail compared with conventional 2D imaging. Discover more about our 4K 3D solutions for viewing and recording 4K 3D surgical content.

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4K 3D Surgical Monitors

4K 3D Medical Recorder

Adding 3D to surgical workflow

3D offers clinical teams improved depth perspective. Our high-quality, easy-to-use 3D capable cameras, recorders, and 4K 3D surgical monitors can be integrated seamlessly into existing hospital workflows.

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Surgeons wearing Sony 3D eye shields to view 3D content

3D Surgical Monitors

3D Medical Recorder