Videe expands its studio camera fleet with Sony and looks to the future with 4K and IP Live

Videe, a leading company in live audiovisual production services, has chosen Sony technology once again and recently completed the purchase of 13 Sony cameras from the HDC family including the HDC-1700 and HDC-4300.

Founded in 1988, Videe is a television production company specialising in providing technical solutions for reality shows, sporting events, news programmes, large international events, documentary and content productions. Videe offers 24-hour audio-video recording, including from remote locations or for example when shooting underwater, from a helicopter or a boat. Thanks to their professionalism, experience and ability to provide ad hoc solutions, Videe works with some of the largest national and international broadcasters and has been chosen as the technical partner for major productions, including the Italian reality shows L’Isola dei Famosi, La Talpa, Music Farm and The X Factor.

The challenging audiovisual projects managed by the company require it to remain at the forefront of production techniques, which increasingly aim at enhancing information and promoting interactions with content.

Videe has therefore chosen to update and expand its range of shooting systems, integrating 13 new Sony camera systems. The HDC-1700 camera is very reliable and was chosen in particular because it ensures high-quality images in HD, providing seamless integration with previous generations. With three high-resolution 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCD image sensors, it offers maximum signal-to-noise ratio, while the 16-bit A/D converter guarantees excellent image quality, particularly for black reproduction. Additionally, the HDC-1700 has 4K and HDR futureproof migration capability with the launch at IBC 2016 of the new HKCU-2040 option board.

Choosing the HDC-4300 model, which boasts the world’s first ‘native’ three-chip 2/3-inch 4K sensor proved to be the most suited to Videes needs. For the first time, one camera platform can handle 4K, HD and super slow motion – helping generate maximum returns on today’s production budgets. Developed with particular attention to coverage of dynamic sporting events, shooting capabilities in HFR (High Frame Rate) mode allow slow motion reproduction of the highest quality.

“Choosing Sony marks an important technological step forward, which our company undertakes regularly. We are always striving at both the national and international levels to ensure that our organisation stands out by combining new generation technology with outstanding professionalism” commented Bruno Mercuri, President and Founder of Videe Spa. “Our technical staff will also soon take part in the training courses organised by Sony on Network Fundamentals and Working with IP Live. We believe that IP or live video is the next step in the future of the broadcasting sector. We are extremely pleased to have established a strong working relationship with Sony to the benefit of both”.

“A long standing collaboration characterises our relationship with Videe, a company that has always been committed to quality and technological development. Once again, in their journey toward 4K, we found ourselves debating, evaluating and ultimately implementing a choice which involved all areas of our professional expertise, from technology, to operational support. We also consulted extensively with their production and finance teams to ensure that we fully supported their new investment in all of its aspects”, said Enrico De Capitani, Solutions Account Manager, Sony Europe.

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