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You’ll find Optical Disc Archive solutions from Sony at work in a wide range of environments where speedy, reliable access to your precious data is crucial – along with effortless scalability and attractive ownership costs. Optical Disc Archive provides archiving solutions across seven key industries, from digital Media Asset Management to healthcare, banking, education and more.

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Optical Disc Archive (ODA) is well known for its robustness and longevity. Across the globe, our customers are adopting Optical Disc Archive to keep their files safe and ensure peace of mind. Find out more about why our customers selected Optical Disc Archive – in their own words.

Ecuador University

The whole system was deployed in a really short time, according to the Arts University deadlines, and the personnel received the necessary training to being able to get the best from VSN’s tools.

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Jyske Bank

“We’d been looking for solutions for several years until we found the right one in Sony.”

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“When launching new projects to air our company has a policy of using the most cutting edge, advanced technology in the world.”

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The Vatican

Thanks to the stability and durability of ODA cartridges, the Vatican’s precious footage will be safe yet easily accessible for many years to come.

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Media and entertainment

Today’s media landscape is evolving with unprecedented speed and complexity. Optical Disc Archive helps broadcasters, platform owners and production specialists preserve their content, work smarter – and generate exciting new business opportunities from their precious media assets, today and tomorrow.

Media Asset Management

Broadcasters and production companies are faced with ever-increasing volumes of content to store, manage and safeguard. Optical Disc Archive is a key component in your media asset strategy – and it’s equally at home with simple projects or complex, large-scale production workflows.

Legacy tape migration

Faster and more reliable than tape-based back-up, Optical Disc Archive drives down the real costs of long-term storage. ODA fits right into your existing workflow, and with 100-year media life there’s no need for specially controlled storage conditions or regular media migration.

Content preservation

Realise your content’s true worth. For broadcasters and archive owners, ODA is the robust, long-lasting choice for preservation and disaster recovery. Safeguarding your precious IP assets is crucial – and so is the ability to access them at a moment’s notice.

Project backup

How many times have you tried to reduce what you put into archive because you just don’t have the capacity – or your hard drives are unreliable? With Optical Disc Archive you can back up the full project by consolidating from your NLE, and use a watch folder (and our free software) to archive directly to ODA.

News Production

Growing your capabilities, the services you offer, and the scale of your projects means growing your storage requirements for the amount of media you produce — but it shouldn’t mean bigger headaches. Optical Disc Archive is scalable and works with multiple third parties to fit into all user workflows.


Take the worry out of filling up your storage, but keep your archives as close as nearline as possible. So all your media is effectively available for immediate use.

Archive at source

Protect your footage as you shoot. Optical Disc Archive stores all rushes securely, replacing your hard drive and save your dailies. Store all rushes, then move them directly to the archive in one step, so they’re always available – and always safe.

Offline DR

Store data offline in ODA cartridge memory, while using ODA’s metadata tools to easily locate data files and access your data quickly.

Online DR

ODA can become part of your online production system. There’s no need to wait while media is copied: you can try it in your project, waiting only for the relevant disc to load in seconds.

Medical and healthcare

Optical Disc Archive presents an ideal choice for hospitals and healthcare trusts to preserve medical data. Video footage and still images captured during surgery and other clinical procedures can be stored for quick retrieval whenever it’s needed, along with associated patient records and other data.


Today’s Video Security and surveillance environments typically demand the secure storage of high-definition footage from a large number of network cameras. Optical Disc Archive cuts the cost and complexity of storing mission-critical video for near-instant review whenever it’s needed – now or far in the future.

Research and development

From scientific research to industrial product design – academic institutions and commercial organisations have never been more reliant on preserving and accessing large volumes of data. Faster and more dependable than tape, Optical Disc Archive is equally suited to near-line storage and longer term archiving applications.

Banking and financial services

Everyone’s data is precious – not least for banks and financial services providers. Optical Disc Archive represents an optimum solution for secure, reliable on-site storage of transactional information and customer records, with effortless scalability and a media life of up to 100 years.


Optical Disc Archive allows schools, colleges and universities to store multimedia data from classroom presentations, online learning materials, lecture capture and more. Getting started is quick, easy and cost-effective – with solutions that scale to meet any educational establishment’s growing needs.


Dependable, cost-effective data storage and archive is a challenge for government departments, agencies and local authorities. Optical Disc Archive offers a near-line and long term storage solution that’s speedy, scalable, secure and future-proofed – with the reassurance of 100-year media life and compelling ownerships costs.

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