Making the move to 3D medical imaging

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From medical recorders to document procedures, video-over-IP capability to route the video throughout the hospital network and content management for secure storage, access, and sharing – we offer an end-to-end solution. Designed for use with 3D capable surgical microscopes, endoscopes and surgical robotic systems, the system is fully scalable.

An extra dimension of detail with sharper imagery

With our 4K 3D high resolution medical displays, healthcare professionals can gain an improved vision of anatomical details during surgical procedures with definition four times greater than HD – with virtually no pixilation. The sharper, more detailed picture and improved depth perception of 3D helps improve surgical vision and workflow in the OR which can contribute to better patient outcomes.

Extra depth and detail with 4K 3D

Our 31-inch and 55-inch 4K 3D medical displays provide surgical teams with higher picture quality, brighter images – and much more. The increased number of pixels captured and the wider colour gamut provides greater definition and deeper colour compared to HD images. Surgeons, consultants and medical students can benefit from image quality that lower-resolution 2D imaging just can’t match.

Surgeons check Sony surgical monitor with surgical image

Why choose to view in 3D?

Our natural 3D vision provides the depth of field and spatial orientation that is critical for completing everyday tasks. Yet a minimally invasive surgeon is often limited to view their surgical site on a 2D flat panel display screen. With 3D, surgical imaging can become more natural and immersive for surgeons, students and hospital staff. Offering a more accurate and lifelike visual experience with improved depth and spatial orientation compared to conventional 2D; 3D imaging can help improve accuracy and speed of surgical procedures as well as accelerate surgical training.

Making the move to 3D

Choosing a Sony 3D medical workflow easy – and with our dedicated support and decades of high quality imaging experience in the medical industry, we can deliver a tailored solution that is exactly right for individual needs.

NUCLeUS smart digital imaging platform for hospitals

IP Imaging Platform support for 3D content

With NUCLeUS™, teams can share, educate, and collaborate at any time, anywhere in the world. We can provide consultation and installation of a new streamlined 3D workflow – setting up the capability to store, browse, and stream surgical procedures easily. We can advise on how best to capture and record video images from compatible cameras and robotic systems at the highest resolution currently available – through to displaying images on our 4K 3D monitors.

Easy upgrade from conventional 2D

Even if a hospital is not quite ready to make the move to 3D right now, our ergonomically designed suite of 3D medical products can be integrated smoothly into your existing 2D workflow. Since our 3D displays and recorders are switchable between 2D & 3D, teams can begin the transition to 3D when they are ready. And, thanks to our unique upscaling filter, the 4K 3D displays provide a natural, sharp 4K view when upscaling HD images to 4K.

Sony 4k surgical displays

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