PrimeSupport for PXW-FX9

3 Years PrimeSupport Pro free when you register 

Enhanced Cover with PrimeSupport Elite for PXW-FX9 

3 Years PrimeSupport Pro*

*1 year’s extra coverage when you register within 60 days of purchase.** 

**estimated value of €200 

Multilingual Support

Technical expertise and support from multilingual product specialists when you need it.

Collect Delivery Service

Free collection and delivery back to place of your choice, saving you time and stress.

Sony Certified Repairs

Repairs from dedicated Sony engineers that know Sony Professional products best.

Activate your PrimeSupport Pro cover

Eligibility is subject to registering within 60 days of purchase 

PrimeSupport Elite

PXW-FX9 coverage upgrade from 1 to 5 years

Please refer to PrimeSupport Elite documentation for detailed terms & conditions.

Sony engineer at work repairing a camcorder

Fast Track Repairs

If a repair is required, we will arrange to collect, repair and return the unit to you within seven days from initial diagnosis.

Close-up of PXW-FX9 camcorder

Loan Units

If due to any reason the repair time is expected to exceed seven days, we will offer you a loan unit until the repaired unit is returned to you.

PrimeSupport Elite

Coverage upgrade from 1 to 5 years