TEOS Connect

Wireless display solution for BRAVIA Android Professional Displays

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Present wirelessly from laptops to BRAVIA Android Professional Displays
Great for collaborative work sessions, TEOS Connect makes it easy for employees or guests to present wirelessly from their laptops on BRAVIA Android Professional Displays.

TEOS Connect makes meetings more efficient and less stressful, with quick set-up and no messy wires to worry about. There's no extra hardware needed – the technology’s built right into BRAVIA so you’re ready to go.

Up to ten TEOS Connect users can share their device’s screens on a BRAVIA Android Professional Display, with up to four simultaneously - so it's ideal for collaboration and group work, allowing users to easily participate and share ideas.


Present wirelessly
TEOS Connect wirelessly links laptops, PCs and Macs to BRAVIA Android Professional Displays.
Slicker, more professional presentations
TEOS Connect makes corporate presentations, meetings and workgroup sessions more efficient with quick, easy set-up and no messy connecting cables.
Smooth, speedy mirroring
Enjoy high-speed content mirroring for presentations, videos and more with low latency.
Instant connection
Save time in every presentation with no connecting cables.
Simple screen sharing
Up to ten devices with TEOS Connect can share content on a single BRAVIA Android Professional Display (four simultaneously) - ideal for group working.
Easy to use
The easy-to-use software doesn’t require any help from your IT team. TEOS Connect works for employees and guests, with no need to connect over a secured network.
No extra hardware needed
All the technology you need to enjoy TEOS Connect is built right into BRAVIA.


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 all 32 and 64 bit versions
Mac OSX 10.10/10.11/10.12 (Sierra)
Compatible products
FWL-55W805C/FWL-65W855C/FWL-75W855C/FW-43XD8001/FW-49XD8001/FW-55XD8501/FW-65XD8501/FW-75XD8501/FW-85XD8501/FWD-100ZD9501/FWD-55A1/FWD-65A1/FW-43XE8001/ FW-49XE8001/FW-55XE8001/FW-65XE8501/FW-75XE8501/FW-49XE9001/FW-55XE9001/FW-65XE9001/FW-75XE9001
Frame rate*
Frame rate
Up to 30 FPS
Simultaneous users per screen
Maximum 4 users*
Maximum devices*
Maximum devices connected to one BRAVIA
Maximum 10
Connection method
Computer on display network or via Wi-Fi Direct
Audio support
128kbit MP3 compressed audio from client device
Max Resolution
1920 x 1080
Screen data transport security*
Screen data transport security
Wireless features*
Wireless security
Wireless encryption
AES 128-bits
Wireless frequency
2.4Ghz / 5Ghz auto select
Wireless transport protocol
IEEE 802.11 a/g/n compatibility
3 years with Advanced Exchange by new model
Maximum transport rate*
Maximum transport rate
300 Mbps
5V USB powered
USB connection to the client computer
Specifications are subject to change without notice by time of product availability.