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Plug-and-play digital signage player

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Digital Signage Board
If you want to get your message across, this powerful digital signage board is perfect for showing impactful still images or video clips. Not only is it easy to install and use, it's cost effective - saving you money and time. Bring your own message to the public! This innovative technology is remarkably flexible. You can edit and save your content on an optional CompactFlash card and it will play on your digital signage instantly. In addition, you can stream still images and video clips from a web server or download them onto your storage media for play, without worrying about network traffic. Only a web browser is needed to operate this system, thanks to its HTML embedded design, helping you even further to communicate your messages at low cost.
The new Digital Signage Board (DSB) from SONY allows you to easily set up your home digital signage solution in very little time!
Easy Installation
Just plug the board into the optional slot of your FWD-series display and off you go. For your display content, you can insert a Compact Flash (CF) Card into the slot or you can get it via network cable (CAT5) over the Local Area Network (LAN). As the user settings of the board can be done a web-interface, no additional software is required to do the settings (IE 6.0 or later is required)
Smart Look
As this card is a completely integrated solution, you don't have any additional cables/boxes around to be attached onto the wall or display.
Low Cost of ownership
Content can be played back via cheap Compact Flash memory or via cheap network cable (CAT5)
Stable Platform
The digital signage board is using an integrated operating system making it a stable and reliable working platform. Additionally, network resources can be used optimally used as scheduling of content download/synchronisation can be scheduled.
First of all: access to the streaming board via the network is protected by password mechanism. Secondly, physical access to the memory card is prevented by an anti-theft protection system on the board.


After having created your online content for your digital signage board, just insert the CF card into your display and the content will be played back automatically.
The DSB can be scheduled to download content from a remote server that will be copied local to the CF card in the display. Once the content is downloaded, this content can be played back automatically. This content synchronisation can be done on a regular base via a scheduling mechanism.
The Digital Signage Board can be configured in such a way that a remote server can be configured to get dynamically content from a remote server on the spot. The content that needs to be played back on the display is pulled over the network to be played back. This way, content can be updated on the spot. (IIS and Apache are supported as remote web servers)
Remote Display
After installing Ultra VNC Freeware on your computer display, you can play back the content from your computer display onto the remote public display. This way an unlimited amount of file types can be played back from the PC onto the public information display.
Remote Management
Apart from managing content, ‘basic’ control features like: input selection, picture adjustments, scheduled ON/OFF,… can be done over the LAN.