HXR-NX3D1E (HXRNX3D1E)Discontinued

Compact 3D / 2D full HD camcorder with 1/4-inch Exmor R CMOS sensors and Vegas Pro editing software*


Versatile Operation for Professional 3D or 2D Full HD recordings
The HXR-NX3D1E is a compact professional camcorder that provides a convenient, inexpensive way to create 3D productions. The camcorder boasts exceptional manoeuvrability with a compact, lightweight design that enables 3D shooting in situations never before possible. The HXR-NX3D1E also gives you the flexibility to shoot in 2D mode when 3D is not necessary. Alternatively, you can capture in 3D and create both 3D and 2D masters in post, thereby future-proofing your content and maximising your return on investment.

Advanced features: two cameras in one

The HXR-NX3D1E has double G Lenses with 1/4-inch Exmor R CMOS image sensors that record 1920 x 1080 Full HD images in 3D or 2D. The camcorder includes a 10x optical zoom, has 96GB internal memory and comes with a 3.5-inch 3D LCD that allows the viewing of 3D images without glasses. For 3D recording, the recorded files are stored as a Multi View Coding (MVC) file. For 2D recording, the video is stored as a standard AVCHD file.

Vegas Pro editing software included*

Purchase the HXR-NX3D1E and you will be able to download a complimentary copy of Vegas Pro 10 editing software. What’s more, you’ll also be entitled to an upgrade to ensure you have the latest version of Vegas software in future. This offer will run until 31 March 2012. * Terms and Conditions apply. See www.pro.sony.eu/vegas3D for details.


Capture 3D and 2D at 1920 x 1090 Full HD
The HXR-NX3D1E incorporates two built-in cameras for capturing 3D and 2D images. Each of the two cameras feature a high-quality Sony G lens and a high-sensitivity, back-illuminated 1/4-inch Exmor R CMOS image sensor for recording 1920 x 1080 Full HD left and right images.
Large capacity internal 96GB flash memory
The HXR-NX3D1E incorporates a large capacity, internal 96GB flash memory that records up to 7.5 hours of 3D images at 28Mbps. The camcorder also contains a slot for MemorySticks and SD cards.
Simplify workflows with MVC or AVCHD recording
The HXR-NX3D1E offers simple 3D and 2D editing workflows with recording as either Multi-View Coding (MVC) files or AVCHD files. The camcorder uses MVC to record left and right video clips as a single file. This enables you to work natively with Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d software. MVC video files can be handled as unified 3D clips to import left and right channel clips together, eliminating the need for time-consuming pairing. The HXR-NX3D1E's supplied Contents Management Utility 2.1 software also enables the conversion of the MVC files to 2D AVCHD files with independent left and right channels. With these capabilities, the HXR-NX3D1E can be used in a wide range of NLE systems.
3-way image stabilising technology
The HXR-NX3D1E incorporates Active SteadyShot 3-way image stabilising technology that corrects up/down, left/right and rotational motion when shooting in 3D. Recording stable 3D images with minimal shake is possible even with hand-held shooting.
Powerful 10x optical zoom
The HXR-NX3D1E has a powerful 10x optical zoom that lets you zoom from 34.4mm to 344mm (when converted to its 35mm equivalent) when shooting in 3D. Frame composition while zooming is also possible with the same feel as when shooting in 2D.
Adjust disparity of 3D images with ease

The HXR-NX3D1E features simple 3D disparity adjustment to control the perceived 3D depth of vision between the left and right image. The two parallel lenses are mounted 31mm apart and disparity adjustment allows you to change the read-out areas of the left and right CMOS image sensors so that they are closer together or further apart. The control of 3D depth is even possible during shooting using a manual dial.

Note: When capturing 3D images, the minimum shooting distance is 80cm (at a wide-angle setting).
Monitor 3D images without glasses
The HXR-NX3D1E features a 3.5-inch LCD display that lets you preview 3D images while you shoot without the need to wear special 3D glasses. You can also switch between 2D and 3D displays. In 3D mode, the camcorder allows you to display separate left and right images or a composite mix of left and right images (to make it easier to monitor any disparity in the 3D image).
Select HDMI output of 3D images
You can select the HDMI output of 3D images for different monitoring requirements. The Frame Packing mode provides Full HD output of alternate left and right images. The Side-by-Side mode provides output of horizontally compressed left and right images packaged into a single frame. Select Frame Packing for a standard consumer 3D TV and Side-by-Side for a professional 3D monitor. Output is also possible via an HDMI/HD-SDI converter to enable the use of a wide range of 3D monitors.
Record a wide range of video formats
The HXR-NX3D1E is designed to be compatible with a wide range of video formats. In 3D, you can record at 1080/60i/50i/24p. In 2D, you can record 1080/60p/60i/50p/50i/30p/24p.
Record professional LPCM audio
The HXR-NX3D1E features two built-in balanced XLR audio inputs and has phantom power and attenuation options for professional, clean sound quality. Default audio settings for XLR recording are highlighted in green for easy reference in the field, in order to reduce operator error under difficult lighting conditions.
Professional shotgun microphone
The HXR-NX3D1E features an ECM-XM1 shotgun microphone mounted on top of the handle to provide professional audio recording performance similar to larger shoulder-mounted ENG style cameras.
Back up direct to external Hard Disk Drive
The HXR-NX3D1E allows you to back up important shots directly to a separately sold external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) without the need for a computer. The HXR-NX3D1E can also access videos stored on an external HDD for playback on a 3D TV, allowing you to utilise the camcorder's handy 3D playback features.


(w/ Battery): 745g (Approx.)
(w/Hood, w/ Battery, w/Microphone, w/ XLR unit ): 1,150g (Approx.)
Dimension (W x H x D)
(w/ Battery): 86.5-79.0-148.5mm, 3 1/2-3 1/8- 5 7/8inch (Approx.)
(w/Hood, w/ Battery, w/Microphone, w/ XLR unit ): 124.5-165.5-262.5mm, 5-6 5/8-10 3/8inch (Approx.)
Power requirements
Power Requirements(AC adaptor / Battery): 8.4V/6.8V
Power consumption
LCD - normal brightness(HD FX): 4.0W
LCD - normal brightness (3D): 5.4W
Operating temperature
0 to +40 deg C (+32 to +104 deg F)
Storage temperature
-20 to +60 deg C (-4 to +140 deg F)
Battery operating time
Continuous recording time: 190min (HD), 140min (3D)
Recording format
Video Format: 3D: 3D : MVC (1080/60i, 50i, 24p : original format), HD: HD : MPEG4-AVC/H.264 AVCHD format compatible (1080/60p,50p : original format), STD: MPEG-2 PS
Audio Format: 3D/HD: Linear PCM/Dolby Digital 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz, STD: Dolby Digital 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
Recording frame rate
3D: 3D (28Mbps) 1920 x 1080/(60i,50i,24p)/16:9, HD: PS (28Mbps) 1920 x 1080/(60p,50p)/16:9, HD: FX (24Mbps) 1920 x 1080/(60i,50i,25p,24p)/16:9, HD: FH (17Mbps) 1920 x 1080/(60i,50i,25p,24p)/16:9, HD: HQ (9Mbps) 1440 x 1080/(60i,50i)/16:9, HD: LP (5Mbps) 1440 x 1080/(60i,50i)/16:9, STD: SD (9Mbps) 720 x 480/60i or 720 x 576/50i /16:9, 4:3
Recording / Playback time
145min (MS 32GB, 3D, LPCM), 170min (MS 32GB, HD FX, LPCM), 450min (Int. memory 96GB, 3D, LPCM), 530min (Int. memory 96GB, HD FX, LPCM)
Zoom ratio
Sony G Lens, 10x (optical in 3D), 12x (optical in 2D)
Focal length
f = 2.9mm - 29mm (equivalent to 34.4mm - 344 mm (16:9 in 3D)*2, f = 2.9mm - 34.8mm (equivalent to 29.8mm - 357.6mm (16:9 in 2D)*2
Full range auto/Manual
Image stabilizer
Optical SteadyShot image stabilization w/ Active mode (Wide to Tele)
Camera Section
Imaging device
1/4 type ExmorR CMOS with ClearVid pixel array
Pixel Gross:Approx. 4,200K
Video Actual:Approx. 1,990K (16:9)
Minimum illumination
3 lux (Low LUX mode, 1/30 (60p or 60i) 1/25 (50p or 50i) shutter 2D only), 11 lux (Standard mode)
Shutter speed
1/8 - 1/1,000 (Manual Shutter Speed Control)
F1.8 - F3.4
Slow & Quick Motion function (2D only)
240 fps (fixed, 60i), 200 fps (fixed, 50i) as Smooth Slow Rec
White balance
Auto, outdoor (5,800K), indoor (3,200K), One-push (Touch panel)
Mic input
Stereo mini jack (x 1) 3.5mm
Audio input
XLR 3-Pin (female) (x2), LINE / MIC / MIC+48V selectable
A/V Output
A/V Remote connector
Component Video Output
A/V Remote connector
USB device, Mini-AB / Hi-Speed (x 1)
Headphone output
Stereo mini jack (x 1) 3.5mm
HDMI output
HDMI mini connector (x 1)
Built-in LCD monitor
8.8cm (3.5 type, aspect ratio 16:9) 1,229,760 dots (2D 2562x480)2D / 3D view selectable
--Bulit-In Microphone--
2ch Stereo microphone
Recording Media
Internal Memory
Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark2), Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX, SD, SDHC, SDXC Memory Card*3
--Supplied Accessories--
AC Adaptor, Power code, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Microphone, Wind Screen, XLR Adaptor, Lens hood, USB cable (mini-B), Component A/V cable, A/V connecting cable, USB Adaptor cable (for external HDD), Wireless Remote Commander, HDMI cable (typeC), Application Software (CD-ROM)
Supplied Accessories
Lens Hood
XLR Adaptor
External Microphone : ECM-XM1
Battery : NP-FV70
Remote controller : RMT845
AC Adaptor : AC-L200
USB Cable
USB Adaptor Cable : VMC-UAM1
HDMI (mini) Cable
Component Cable
A/V connecting cable
CMU Software (Ver. 2.1)

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