Five tips for the perfect home cinema

You love movies? Who doesn’t? With today’s home cinema projectors, it’s never been easier to create great entertainment in virtually any living space. Here are some tips to guide you on your way.

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Find your perfect space

Serious cinephiles won’t settle for anything less that their own dedicated home cinema room, kitted out by an AV specialist who’ll take care of absolutely everything. But there are other options. Today’s projectors let you transform any space into an entertainment zone that holds its own against a purpose-built home cinema. Elegantly styled, reliable and remarkably quiet, they don’t have to intrude into everyday living. So re-think that lounge or bedroom as your own movie theatre – and get ready for the show to start.

Pick the right projector

Here’s where the magic happens. The right projector brings more thrills and emotion to every movie, from latest releases to classic reissues and old favourites you haven’t watched for years. Give yourself a head-start by choosing a projector with true 4K resolution that reveals the finest details and can even upscale HD sources. And don’t compromise on contrast ratio… unless you’re happy with thin, washed out images lacking deep blacks and punchy highlights. HDR compatible models will reward you with an expanded brightness range and even richer, more nuanced colours.

Screen sense

Get the best from your projector by pairing it with a screen that’s up to the job. There’s plenty of choice out there, from simple wall-mounted screens to motorized drop-down models that magically disappear at the touch of a button. You might be tempted to skip buying a proper screen and project onto a white wall instead. It’ll do for occasional use, but there are drawbacks. It’s unlikely that even a pristine looking white wall will be truly flat – and those tiny imperfections cause shadows that play havoc with getting a really crisp picture. What’s more, ordinary white paint won’t reflect projected light as brightly and accurately as a specially-coated screen.

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Better sound all round

Film directors will tell you that great sound matters as much as what’s on screen. So it’s no wonder that commercial cinemas have sophisticated multi-speaker systems that bombard audiences from all angles with ear-shattering volume and thundering bass. Fortunately you can achieve thrilling results on a much smaller budget. The chances are your source – like a satellite receiver or Blu-ray player – can output multi-channel audio. Pair it with a dedicated AV amplifier and speakers for a rich, room-filling soundtrack. Also consider other tricks like laying carpets rather than bare floors to soak up unwanted sound reflections.

See the light

Submerge the room in complete darkness and your audience will struggle to find their snacks and drinks. So some ambient light always helps during the show. Try to keep light sources towards the back of the room, where they won’t distract from what’s on screen. Dimmers are a great way to fine-tune lighting levels precisely. Or go a step further with a full-blown room automation system that allows lights plus sound, room climate and other functions to be adjusted from a dedicated control panel, smartphone or tablet.

Home Cinema projectors

Create entertainment in any living space with our beautifully styled home cinema projectors. You’ll enjoy sumptuous high-contrast pictures in 4K or Full HD, busting with detail and rich colour. Best of all, our projectors are refreshingly easy to set-up and use – letting you focus on enjoying the show.

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