FWD-S42H1 (FWDS42H1)Discontinued

42" public LCD display with 1080 Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

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The versatile new FWD-S47H1 and FWD-S42H1 Full HD LCD public displays.
These beautiful new 42" and 47" public displays bring you the astounding picture quality of 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition in a slim bezel format, together with a host of application-enhancing features:

  • Landscape or portrait presentation with optional messaging board for retail displays and video walls
  • Special conference mode, and wide angle viewing for videoconferencing
  • DVI and optional HD-SDI and HDMI connectivity for broadcast users
  • Gamma setting in accordance with DICOM standards for affordable medical applications
  • Totally versatile
    The S47H and S42H1 are packed full of special features to make them easier to use - even in specialist applications such as those listed below.
    Video walls and multiple messaging
    Full HD, sleek thin bezel design, slim profile and overscan on/off mode enable the S47H and S42H1 to create the most visibly stunning video walls and the sharpest messaging systems. High contrast, high brightness promotes products and messages with outstanding impact. Network reporting ensures easy management - power efficiency delivers reduced operating costs.
    With the Full range of HD inputs - DVI as standard, with optional HDMI and HDSDI, the S47H and S42H1 can bring Full HD high brightness, high contrast viewing to broadcast applications, ensuring production staff, clients and other interested parties enjoy a true representation of content.
    The clarity of Full HD with the option to reduce brightness levels creates a more productive environment for security professional viewing multiple screens. Larger screens with 'Picture and Picture' (PAP) and 'Picture in Picture' (PiP) capability enable more locations to be viewed on one screen, reducing capital outlay and increasing viewing efficiency.
    Retail, leisure and corporate display
    Exceptional high brightness and wide viewing angles combined with the incredible visual impact of Full HD images make the S47H and S42H1 ideal for reception areas, boardrooms, meeting rooms, concourses in airports and conference centres. Durable design and power efficiency will reduce costs and ensure longevity, even in 24/7 operations.
    With a gamma setting in accordance with the Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) of the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standards, the S47H and S42H1 can provide affordable medical reference viewing at a larger size and higher quality than dedicated displays. They are also perfect for videoconferencing, digital signage and meeting room displays in medical facilities.
    Digital signage
    The Full HD, high brightness, high contrast, wide angle viewing enables pin sharp messaging from distance and close-up, day or night. Compatibility with the Sony BKM-FW50 digital signage system and next generation boards, plus network management options, make these public displays ideal for strong vibrant messaging throughout offi ces, stadiums, airports, stations, factories and other facilities.
    The S47H and S42H1 are pre-fitted with screw holes to accommodate an IPELA videoconferencing camera. A single 'conference mode' setting adjusts colour to overcome 'green casts' from office lighting. 'Picture and Picture' (PAP) and 'Picture in Picture' (PiP), plus the ability to integrate with Full HD videoconferencing systems all enhance videoconferences.


    Adaptable, robust, durable, more environmentally friendly and better connected.
    These powerful public displays are rich in cutting edge Sony innovation and are designed to operate faultlessly in even the most demanding 24/7 installations.
    Landscape/portrait - more adaptable in every application
    Unique Sony LCD technology has overcome 'gravity gap' issues sometimes seen with plasma and other manufacturer's LCD units, ensuring operation in landscape or portrait mode without compromising performance.
    Eco power consumption - more environmentally friendly
    Innovative use of backlighting has enabled us to create industry-leading brightness at 700cd/m2 with a power consumption of just 210w - up to 15% less than leading competitors. Eco-mode provides further operational savings.
    Built for public display - robust and slim
    Our 19mm bezel has been designed to offer you maximum visibility, while providing the sturdy protection and robustness you need for reliable operation in retail leisure and corporate applications.
    A wider choice of network options - better connected
    Equipped with an RJ45 network port, a complete range of HD inputs (DVI, and optional HDMI and HD-SDI), compatible with the Sony BKM-FW50 SD digital signage system and next generation boards, and with a gamma setting to DICOM standards, these displays will work in virtually any application from professional broadcast and retail, to corporate, medical and security markets.
    Longevity guaranteed - designed to be durable
    These public displays use new LCD materials to avoid 'image storage' issues and to ensure perfect images in even the most demanding 24/7 retail, corporate and security installations.
    Five picture modes
    Includes vivid display with brightness boost, standard, fixed custom settings, conference mode for optimum pictures with fluorescent lights and a True Color Control function.
    Three screen saver functions
    Choose from revert to standby, all white, or a scrolling sweep, based on inactivity time intervals from 30 minutes to 23 hours.
    Four gamma settings
    Choose from high, mid, low or DICOM option for medical applications.
    Multiple display, PiP and PAP commands
    Create any combination of multiple displays from one row with up to four screens, to a full four by four matrix, and set up a single command to control all of them.
    Eco-setting option
    Use the eco-setting to reduce what is already the lowest available power consumption/performance still further, while maintaining excellent brightness, contrast and clarity.