BRAVIA displays showcase JA Tajima’s agricultural products

August 4, 2023

Our bright, colourful 4K HDR professional displays are the ideal choice for digital signage and presenting promotional information at farmers’ market and offices of agricultural cooperative.

How we helped
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The Challenge
  • Agricultural cooperative JA Tajima required digital signage solution for its farmers’ market and corporate offices
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The Solution
  • BRAVIA 4K professional displays
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The Outcome
  • Store customers can enjoy attractive, informative videos as they shop
  • Corporate visitors are informed on directions, meetings and events

Promoting region’s organic local produce

Tajima Agricultural Cooperative (JA Tajima) is a major producer of environmentally friendly agricultural products in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. Its pesticide-free organically cultivated ‘Stork Nurturing Rice’ supports efforts to reintroduce Japanese storks to the region after their disappearance in the early 1970s. JA Tajima is also the largest producer of peppers in the region, and handles many speciality products such as ‘Asakura Sansho’, ‘Iwatsu Negi’ and its prized Tajima Beef.

Opened in 2011 in Toyooka, ‘Tajimanma’ is a farmers’ market directly managed by JA Tajima, where local producers sell their agricultural products to the public. The large store offers an array of fresh seasonal vegetables, flowers, rice, meat and processed products, delivered directly to the market from producers across the region.

External Image of large store
Large screen in store showing product images

Displaying greater customer appeal

JA Tajima required a high-quality digital signage solution to promote goods and provide other information about the cooperative’s activities at its Tajimanma farmers’ market store. Videos are presented to customers on a BRAVIA 4K professional display. The ceiling-mounted screen is positioned so that it’s easily seen by shoppers waiting in line to pay at the cash registers.

“The overwhelming image quality of BRAVIA is attractive to customers” states Mr. Hirata, Manager of Direct Sales Section, Farming and Production Department. 

Even videos that we have produced in the past are displayed with a completely different beauty and power. If image quality is good, it will stop the customer – for example a video of our meat being grilled looks really delicious. In addition, it’s easy to see text displayed clearly on the screen in high definition: even elderly customers can read small characters.

Mr. Hirata, Manager of Direct Sales Section, Farming and Production Department. 

Delivering a clearer corporate message

In addition to its agricultural business, JA Tajima also wished to distribute information on its other credit, mutual aid, nursing care and community contribution activities to union members and the community. To achieve this two further BRAVIA displays are installed in the entrance lobby of the cooperative’s head office. One screen is mounted vertically (in portrait orientation) in front of the reception desk, guiding visitors with a map of the building and providing information on forthcoming meetings and training sessions. The second BRAVIA is located in the waiting area adjacent to the reception desk, playing promotional videos on the group’s activities.

As a next step, JA Tajima is considering the implementation of a cloud-based content management solution. “We hope to use digital signage to disseminate information about the region” comments Mr Hirata. “Some of the customers at Tajimanma are tourists from nearby hot spring resorts, so we would like to introduce them to various sightseeing spots in the neighbouring area. And if we can place digital signage in various places around the Tajima area to enliven the charm of JA Tajima and the region, I think we can make it even more meaningful to visitors.”

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