BRAVIA professional displays transform information sharing at Erasmus MC

The largest university hospital in the Netherlands has revolutionised visual communications for staff, patients and visitors with a total of 150 BRAVIA 4K professional displays.

How we helped
The Challenge
  • Hospital’s previous display systems were incompatible, unreliable and hard to manage
  • Requirement for staff to collaborate via internal and external video meetings
The Solution
  • 75x 55-inch BRAVIA BZ40 Series 4K displays in communal areas of the hospital
  • 75x 65-, 75- and 85-inch BRAVIA BZ40 series in meeting rooms and operating theatres
The Outcome
  • Patients’ digital journey is improved with clear display of appointments, directions and other information
  • Clinical staff can ‘meet’ virtually, enhancing quality and efficiency of collaboration

We wanted to see what would get us the best value for money without compromising on quality. After an extensive comparison between several manufacturers, Sony BRAVIA 4K professional displays came out on top.

Ivo Baumann
Coordinator of Technical Application Management Operations, Education and Research, Erasmus MC

Delivering cutting-edge patient care, education and research

Founded in 2001, Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam is recognised as a leading innovator in healthcare. Offering high-quality clinical treatment and care for patients, it’s also a centre of excellence for medical education and world-class research.

Bravia Display screen in hospital training room

Assuring seamless information sharing

Digitalised healthcare journeys are an increasingly common aspect of the modern world for patients and staff. As the Netherlands’ largest university hospital, Erasmus MC knew that it needed to modernise its own IT operations to offer seamless content and information sharing.

It was also imperative for Erasmus MC that staff and students should be able to collaborate and connect with colleagues on different shift patterns, between operating rooms, as well as being able to collaborate with other medical institutions remotely for advice on specific cases, and to assist the organisation’s commitment to open and insightful knowledge sharing.

Bravia Display screen in university hospital meeting room

Overcoming incompatibilities

Previously Erasmus MC was reliant on different brands of display screen installed in lobbies, public areas, operating theatres and meeting rooms. This meant that digital pathways used to share information were complex and confusing, with unreliable connections and incompatible content sharing functions. The hospital’s old screens were also only functional 16 hours a day, despite the need for a round-the-clock information sharing and display capability.

Bright, dependable images across the hospital campus

Working with audiovisual solutions expert Schaay-AV, Erasmus MC has overhauled its display technology implemented across the hospital campus to increase the efficiency of its operations.

High-brightness 55” BZ40 Series BRAVIA Professional Displays installed in communal areas make information accessible 24/7 to patients and employees. They’re complemented by 65”, 75”and 85” BRAVIA BZ40 Series displays in meeting rooms and operating theatres. The large, high-contrast 4K screens can be used for internal MS Teams meetings, as well as for external collaboration with other hospitals such as multidisciplinary consultations.

Digital screen signage in hospital corridor
Bravia screens displaying patient information in waiting area

Best fit for staff, patients and visitors

Erasmus MC chose to work with Schaay AV, selecting Sony products because of the best-in-class technology and reliability they offered. The hospital enjoys peace of mind that its digital information system will be operative at all times, with Schaay AV on hand for prompt technical support if any issues occur – vital in a mission critical healthcare environment.

“We had to look at what was the best fit for our hospital. One of the most critical requirements as to provide clear information and direction for our staff, patients and visitors” says Ivo Baumann, Coordinator of Technical Application Management Operations in Education and Research at Erasmus MC. “We wanted to see what would get us the best value for money without compromising on quality. After going through an extensive comparison from several manufacturers, Sony BRAVIA 4K professional displays came out on top.”

More efficient communication and collaboration

The solution delivered by Sony and Schaay-AV has helped staff and patients to communicate, collaborate and share information more efficiently and reliably. Patients are now kept up-to-date with timings and directions for their appointments, giving them valuable peace of mind with every hospital visit. Seamless content sharing enabled by the Sony displays also supports Erasmus MC in its commitment to deliver the highest quality of care and educate the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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