PWS-100TD1 (PWS100TD1)

Tape Digitizing Station
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Simple-to-use tape digitizing server for efficient migration of legacy videotape archives
The PWS-100TD1 Tape Digitize Station provides efficient management of the digitization of legacy tape archives – video encoding, tape error checking, file quality control and control of storage are all included. Supporting a number of different codecs, it can create A/V files in your house archive format with proxy’s for integration with existing MAM/Archive systems or shelf archive systems with the direct connection of up four Sony Optical Disc Archives (ODS-D77U). Digitization of up to four VTRs can be managed concurrently with the simple user interface provided in the PWS-100TD1.
Efficient digitization of legacy video tape
Transfer up to four video tapes at a time with error checking
Simple-to-use one-box solution
Connect the VTRs, connect the storage, start the work
Customers can choose Direct transfer to Optical Disc Archive or transfer to existing Archive/MAM
Supports existing MAM/Archive solutions or shelf storage solutions with Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODS-D77U)
Proxy Generation for network preview
Create proxies as part of the digitization process for reviewing or use in the MAM/Archive system


Simple operator interface
Users can manage up to four concurrent transfers with simple user interfaces and automated error checking
Flexible operation: 2IN/2OUT, 3IN/1OUT, 4IN/0OUT
Flexible configuration to support manual viewing options
High-res HD-SDI/SDI preview
High-resolution file preview for final verification of image quality
Multi codec support – XAVC Intra 100, MPEG2 HD422/420, IMX30/40/50
Extensive video format support for digitization to house archive format
Direct connection to ODS-D77U
Long-term archive storage supported with Sony ODS-D77U Optical Disc Archive