Front facing shots of BRC-X400, SRG-X400 and SRG-X120 side by side

4K* IP PTZ cameras with NDI®|HX** capability

Shoot and stream 4K or Full HD video with our versatile PTZ cameras. The BRC-X400, SRG-X400 and SRG-X120 combine superb image quality with easy operation and seamless integration with today’s studios, sport stadiums, houses of worship, hospitals, auditoriums, classrooms and corporate environments.

4K available via optional license with SRG-X400, SRG-X120

**NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. Network

Key technologies illustrated via Exmor CMOS sensor logo, 4K logo and the NDI HX logo

Superior 4K images, powerful zoom and wide angle

Our power-packed remote cameras feature our advanced Exmor R™ CMOS back-illuminated sensor technology. See the difference with finely-detailed 4K images noise and dramatically reduced picture noise in low light. Powerful zoom brings the subject closer, and wide shooting angle ensures that nobody’s left out of the picture.

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Illustrative image for IP network connectivity

Flexible and efficient IP-based live production

Our IP Cameras supporting NDI® l HX are a great fit for today’s IP networked production environments. There is single-cable support for video, control and power and audio, together with multiple camera control protocols, multi-stream codecs and remote viewing from any web browser. There is a separate, optional license that needs to be downloaded directly from NewTek in order for the cameras to be considered NDI.

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Quick set-up, easy operation and reconfiguration

Add extra polish to your video footage with smooth, fast pan-tilt moves, Picture Freeze Preset and seamless transitions between camera positions. Genlock and tally lamp support seamless camera switching, while multiple camera control protocols ensure smooth integration in busy on-air environments. Connect with the REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance to track presenters’ movements automatically.

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Excellent images, even in low light

The BRC-X400 and SRG-X400 capture high-quality and low noise images even in dimly lit environments with the sensitive 1/2.5-type Exmor R sensor.

Wide viewing angle with up to 80x zoom

The versatile BRC-X400 PTZ camera is ideal for use in a wide range of environments – from broadcast studios and remote on-air suites to sports stadiums, arenas, houses of worship and lecture halls.

Wide viewing angle: Cover the whole scene in sports arenas and lecture theaters with a horizontal viewing angle of approx. 70 degrees. Up to 80x zoom: Powerful zoom up to 80x (in FHD) allows frame-filling close-ups with fine details.

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IP Streaming – Excellent Performance

The BRC-X400 and SRG-X400 capture every point of view in 4K with excellent picture quality and efficient IP production workflow. NDI®|HX compatibility (via optional license) supports efficient IP-based live production, allowing flexible configuration with other networked NDI-enabled devices.

Front facing shots of BRC-X400 in black and white

BRC-X400: Compact with broadcast quality and features

Our versatile BRC-X400 PTZ IP camera is an ideal fit for today’s IP-based production environments. With superb 4K image quality and the convenience of remote operation, it can help optimise workflow in production and broadcast applications such as news and reality TV.

Flexible and efficient, IP-based live production
Illustrative diagram for Genlock and tally lamp
Genlock and tally lamp

Genlock and tally lamp support smooth camera switching in live events and reality TV shows.

Illustrative diagram depicting lines connecting three RCP-3100 remote control panels to the cameras HXC-FB80, HXCU-FB80, BRC-X400 and HXC-P70
Support multiple protocols

Support for multiple camera control protocols including CGI, VISCA and 700PTP allows seamless connection with system cameras.

Illustrative diagram depicting lines connecting multiple PTZ cameras to a laptop
Quick and easy set-up

Picture Setting File1 copies picture settings between multiple cameras for quick, easy system set-up.

1By future upgrade planned in early 2020

Front facing shots of SRG-X400 in black and white

SRG-X400: Captures every detail with agile handling

Capture high-quality 4K images with power-packed zoom up to 40x in HD – ideal for applications with larger audiences like auditoriums and government institutions.

Ideal for large venues
Zoomed in image of a white board clearly showing the writing on it
Powerful 40x zoom clarity

Enjoy high-quality close-ups with Clear Image Zoom that boosts magnification (up to 40x Full HD / 30x 4K) without sacrificing image clarity.

Illustrative image of how a camera can switch focus from person to person in the audience
High-speed camera movements

Enjoy smooth, speedy and silent movements between preset camera positions – ideal when another participant in the room starts speaking and you don’t want to miss the action.

Illustrative image showing various shots of an auditorium to depict versatility of the ptz functionality
Smooth, fluid transitions

Jerky, disjointed camera moves are a turn-off for viewers. PTZ Motion Sync smoothly blends pan, tilt and zoom movements for fluid transitions between preset camera positions.

Front facing shots of SRG-X120 in black and white

SRG-X120: Keeping everyone in the frame

Capture high-quality images up to 4K resolution in a wide range of environments, including mid-size classrooms and meeting rooms.

Ideal for smaller-scale applications
Image of an auditorium with grid lines showing various levels of zoom
Wide field of view

Approx. 70⁰ field of view captures more of the scene, missing no important details at the edges of the frame.

Illustrative image of picture freeze function depicting the image the camera is showing while it pan and tilts to another shot
Picture Freeze

Picture Freeze Preset holds the last image steady while the camera tilts and pans to a different preset position.

Illustrative image of the NDI HX capability showing a ptz camera connected to a laptop via a LAN cable
NDI | HX capability

Connect easily with a PC and create a software-based video conferencing solution with no other hardware needed.