HD Recording Server Software


Record videoconferences in sparkling HD quality for review, training or sharing.

This software for Sony PCS-XG80/XA80 videoconferencing systems or PCS-VCS Visual Communications Server allows recording of HD video in MPEG4 file format over your IP network. Presentation data from a connected PC can also be recorded simultaneously.

Set-up and operation are managed easily from a web browser on any networked PC.

Available as PCS-RS1 (record single session) or PCS-RS5 (record up to five simultaneous sessions).

PCS-RS must be purchased together with appropriate Support Pack (PCS-RS1SP or PCS-RS5SP).


Record conferences in HD quality
Video conferences are recorded in the industry-standard MPEG4 file format for sparkling HD video and sound quality.
Presentation data recording
Simultaneously capture presentations from the screen of an attached PC.
Easy set-up and management
Manage recording and view files from a web browser on any PC on the same IP network.