High and standard definition visual communication server


Multi-point connection service for large-scale video conferences
The Sony PCS-VCSH24 visual communication server provides high and standard definition for video conferencing on a larger scale. With new multi-point connectivity, it's designed to connect with more participants across different sites, and it can be expanded to connect with other video conference products that meet the H.323 protocol*.

This is the flexible solution for organisations looking to expand their video conference capabilities.

*Some conferencing products may not be compatible. Please check the user guide for more information.
Expandable software
Its flexible software package can be expanded at any time to make communications more efficient and more cost-effective. It brings the necessary power to support more intensive conferencing across different sites or countries.
Mixed definition output to meet changing needs
Installed software can deliver video in standard and high definitions. This makes conferencing more flexible to meet challenges like bandwidth availability across all sites and participants.


Multi-picture view
See participants in up to 16 in-call windows simultaneously. This multi-window function also comes with extra benefits. Continuous-presence mode features voice-activated switching to identify the current active speaker and highlight them on the display, allowing everyone to see who is speaking at any given time.
Secure web-based access
The PCS-VCSH24 server makes conferencing simpler with an easy-to-use online interface. The web-based management tool lets you schedule conferences and make any necessary changes using just your browser. Each user can be given a unique log-in.
Stunning high definition video, plus standard definition
It supports high-quality video in full HD with 1080i/60 frames per second (fps), as well as 1080p/30 fps and 720p/30 fps. The server helps to deliver incredibly smooth video communication in ITU-T H.264 compression format, delivering a professional and problem-free experience.

The ITU-T H.264 compression also allows you to see both the participants and the presentation data from the PC at the same time.
Shared phonebook for participants
Share all your conference contacts to make video communication easier than ever.