MLS-G1 Switcher


Scalable and Reconfigurable Live Production Processor/Switcher


Fully configurable to meet every production need

The Modular Live System MLS-X1 is an innovative new production switcher platform.
Highly reconfigurable to meet a wide range of live production requirements, it provides extensive processing power and scalability to enhance your creative production possibilities.

The MLS-X1 inherits the operability, reliability and capability of Sony professional switchers refined over decades of demanding live operations.

Now there’s no need for a monolithic switcher chassis that’s dimensioned to cater for the largest project. Instead, multiple smaller processing units can be rapidly configured according to the requirements of any production. With the MLS-X1 you’ve got the power to cater for large-scale events – including multi-programme and multi-format productions – plus the agility to meet future demands.

Dynamic. Simple. Flexible. Fast.

Networked Live by Sony enables flexible, high-quality live content production through seamless hybrid distributed production between on-premise and cloud. Resource sharing between geographically distant locations enables high quality live production and processing from anywhere.

As one element within our Networked Live solution, the MLS-X1 improves your business agility with its reconfigurability and power. It supports a wide range of use cases – including studio, OB van, and remote productions – to help expand your business more flexibly.

Transforming the possibilities of distributed production, the MLS-X1 complements your current workstyle while helping realise sustainable new live production business operations.

Diagram displaying stackable switchers

New Scalable concept

The MLS-X1 is ideal for day-to-day productions as well as large-scale projects that only occur a few times a year.

Each MLS-X1 unit is connected by a network, and its physical structure can be changed dynamically to suit your needs. Logical switchers can be configured using one to multiple MLS-X1 units as needed, avoiding the need to prepare in advance for excessive capacity or functionality that isn’t regularly used in day to day productions. Redundant systems – an essential for live production – can be flexibly selected from different modes such as N+1 to N+N.

The extensive system reconfiguration capabilities of the MLS-X1 offer optimised production efficiency, reliability and security… now and in the future.

Benefits of logical deployment flexibility

For large-scale events, multiple MLS-X1 units can be linked to other units assigned to other studios, instantly expanding the system’s power and capacity.

As shown here, even if one MLS-X1 cluster is normally used for the production of three different simultaneous programmes, it’s possible to interconnect MLS-X1 units in multiple studios for a very large-scale production, while a remaining logical switcher can continue its usual production duties.

Diagram displaying switchers in relation to live production
Diagram that shows workflow between CPU and GPU and FPGA

Processing in hardware and software

The MLS-X1 builds on the same values that have made Sony switchers loved and trusted by production teams the world over.

Its innovative architecture adds a GPU-based effects and graphics module to the switcher’s proven video processing structure, providing immensely flexible video processing power. Hardware accelerated processing supports real-time processing of 4K (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video with ultra-low latency.

The MLS-X1 provides a high-performance solution for today’s live production needs from a single, immensely flexible and scalable unit.

100G-IP and 12G-SDI input and output interface

The MLS-X1 supports both 100G-IP and 12G/3G/1.5G-SDI input and output interfaces. Both interfaces provide format conversion for incoming and outgoing video signal. Logical switcher configuration consisting of multiple MLS-X1 units with both IP and SDI interface is also possible for mixed IP and SDI operation.

MLS-X1 rear view with 100G IP input and output
MLS-X1 rear view with SDI input and output

Wide range of support up to 4K(UHD)/HDR

The MLS-X1 supports 4K/HD multiformat production.

In addition to the conventional Format converter, SDR-HDR conversion is also available, and various HDR formats are natively supported as a system format.

Improved productivity for multiple programme production

Using Sony’s unique ‘Dual Simul’ function and scalable configuration, multiple programmes can be produced from a single control panel by assigning the necessary number of processing units for each production in multiple simultaneous productions such as 4K (UHD) + HD.

The MLS-X1 can handle multiple simultaneous productions such as 4K(UHD)/HD multi format production, or Host feed + Unilateral feed, as is typically required for sports live productions.

Using Sony’s unique ‘Dual Simul’ function, all of these can be produced with one panel and one crew, or multiple panels and crews as the program requirements demand.

Stackable switcher diagram
Diagram that shows the workflow from Menu PC and tablet to Clip Player to Switcher XPT

Valuable additional functions for live production

The MLS-X1 features a built-in clip player. This allows content on a network connected PC or in the cloud to be pre-stored on the system’s internal SSD via a PC and readily used for live production.

The system supports 4-channel HD/2-channel UHD, with future expansion planned for multiple box stacks.

The built-in Frame Synchronizer, Format Converter and HDR Converter reduce the number of external devices required, making it possible to build a highly compact system for live use.

Other creative features include 3D digital multi-effects, extra still logo keys and multi-viewer.

Networked Live for remote and distributed production

Networked Live is an ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners, helping you take full advantage of your resources in high-quality mission critical live production through connected hybrid on-premises and Cloud capabilities.

Networked Live diagram

Expand your production style and capability with the MLS-X1, one of the key components of Networked Live – the enabler for distributed production and integrated operations in a new era of live production.

In Networked Live, the MLS-X1 exists as a processing component. Going beyond the capabilities of a traditional switcher, it supports not only simple remote production, but also distributed production that integrates multiple systems and multiple locations.

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, onsite or remotely, the MLS-X1 enables integrated operational control of processors at multiple locations from a single user interface.

There’s no need to prepare multiple production crews, reducing the number of people and equipment required to travel to remote sites. By eliminating travel time and the ability to operate from any location, the MLS-X1 enables the best members of your team to be deployed on live productions without being restricted by time or location.

Switcher processor options
  • MLS-X1 Live Production Processor
  • MLS-X1 Live Production Processor
  • MKS-X1110 IP Input and Output board
  • MKS-X1115 SDI Input and Output board
  • MKS-X1140 XPT Connection Board
  • MKS-X1210 Additional M/E Board
  • MKS-X1700 Legacy Interface Board
  • MKS-XIC01 Inter-Connection Cable 1m
  • MKS-XIC03 Inter-Connection Cable 3m
  • MKS-XIC15 Inter-Connection Cable 15m 
  • MZS-X1500 4K Upgrade License
  • MZS-X1610 3D DME License
  • MZS-X1620 SL Key License
  • MZS-X1750 HDR Converter License
  • MZS-X1770 Automation IF License
  • MZS-X1800 Clip Player License
  • MZS-X1SN SNMP Agent License
  • MLSU-X1 1YR Software Update License
Switcher Control Panel

ICP-X7000 Series

  • MKS-X7017 – 36 XPT Module
  • MKS-X7018 – 28 XPT Module
  • MKS-X7019 – 20 XPT Module
  • MKS-X7020 – Standard Transition Module
  • MKS-X7021 – Simple Transition Module
  • MKS-X7023 – Key Transition Module
  • MKS-X7024 – FlexiPad Module
  • MKS-X7026 – 10-key Pad Module
  • MKS-X7031TB – Track Ball Module
  • MKS-X7032 – Key Fader Module
  • MKS-X7033 – Utility/Shot Box Module
  • MKS-X7035 – Key Control Module
  • MKS-X7040 – Blank Panel (1/3)
  • MKS-X7041 – Blank Panel (1/2)
  • MKS-X7042 – Blank Panel (1/6)
  • MKS-X7075 – Extension Adapter
  • MKS-X7099 – CPU Module

ICP-X1000 Series

  • ICP-X1116 – 1 M/E 16 button Compact Control Panel
  • ICP-X1124 – 1 M/E 24 button Compact Control Panel
  • ICP-X1216 – 2 M/E 16 button Compact Control Panel
  • ICP-X1224 – 2 M/E 24 button Compact Control Panel
Aux Bus Remote Panel
  • MKS-R1620 – 16 Button Remote Control Panel
  • MKS-R3210 – 32 button Remote Control Panel
Optical Transceiver for 100G IP interface
  • OTM-100GSR – QSFP28 Optical Transceiver Module (SR)