An efficient ultrasound workflow

With quick start up and a space saving design, our recorders and printers provide rapid results

High quality, fast and efficient ultrasound printing for healthcare professionals

When speed is a necessity, our ultrasound printers give staff more time to focus on patient care, with quick start-up and print delivery. Always choose our easily replaceable print media for finely-detailed, lasting prints that save valuable time and ensure high quality results and warranty high reliability of the printer. We also offer a choice of medical recorders for ultrasound applications.

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Light, compact design

Our latest ultrasound printers, the UP-D898 series is optimised for long-term use in modern clinical environments, with reliable operation, simple maintenance and attractive running costs. These printers offer a compact, space-saving footprint that’s ideal for integration in modern ultrasound systems. Direct DC powering from an ultrasound system simplifies installation, with no need for additional AC outlets*

*This feature is only available on the UP-711MD and UP-D898DC printer models.

Quick and easy to use

With quick start-up and simple, intuitive front panel control, our print technology delivers high quality prints in seconds. Models such as the UP-D898MD can produce A6-size prints under 2 seconds. The UP-X898MD A6 hybrid printer can accept analogue video as well as PC-friendly digital USB signal inputs. The UP-D25MD A6 digital colour printer uses advanced Sony dye-sublimation printing technology to produce photo-quality hard copy images that are far more stable and durable than conventional office printers.

Supported by HD quality ultrasound recorders

Our HVO-500MD and HVO-550MD and Full HD medical recorders are ideal for capturing images from ultrasound systems, providing a lasting record for reference and teaching. With HD quality plus flexible integration and control capabilities, they are an ideal recorders for our ultrasound visualisation.

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