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More creative collaboration, more production freedom

Give anyone, anytime, anywhere the power to collaborate on productions—easily and instantly. C3 Portal can free your teams to work faster, together, and produce remarkable content more efficiently. Watch our concept video to find out how.

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Move content faster, from anywhere

Send video from any location and access it wherever you are. Connect to the cloud without wires, backpacks or vehicles and get content into your production workflow—fast. Our C3 Portal service gives you high speed file transfers and streaming, direct from your camera.

C3 Portal is the gateway that connects Sony’s cameras to cloud networks. Close the gap in modern workflows.

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Connected productions and remote productivity

C3 Portal uses mobile, 5G/LTE and WiFi to connect your camera to the cloud. Stream live footage or transfer files fast, without any new equipment. You can even transfer content while you’re still shooting. And because C3 Portal lets production teams log on and connect to cameras remotely, they can exchange files and metadata from wherever they are—even if the camera operator is busy.

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Smart content management

Transfer files with their metadata intact and add any extra information you need. Using the mobile app, camera operators can attach comments and files to uploads. Our AI can enrich files with a speech-to-text function, while folders are created and mislabelled file names are corrected by reading their metadata—automatically.

Instant delivery to cloud

Whether you’re on location or at an editing desk, C3 Portal is designed to make your workflow smooth and simple. Transfer media from any location without expensive transport or long wait times. Chunked file transfers mean production teams can retrieve content while shooting is still happening. You don’t even need to press a button, as files appear when they’re ready. Review content and co-ordinate productions remotely—and start editing much sooner.

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Easy set-up and simple controls

Set up and manage our C3 Portal service from your phone. The mobile app was built to make it easy to connect your camera to the cloud and transfer files, whether you prefer iOS or Android. Simply download the app and it guides you through the entire set-up process. Then it becomes the main control interface, where you can adjust settings, preview video clips, log metadata and manage transfers.

Easily connect to the cloud

C3 Portal is designed for Sony’s professional cameras, C3 Portal uses built-in technology so you don’t need to invest in completely new set-ups and expensive hardware. You enjoy a smooth, simple user experience while making your production workflows faster. But you can also contact us to find out how we could add our camera-to-cloud connectivity to any of your favourite tools.


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C3 portal supported functions vary depending on the camcorder


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