Crystal LED displays tomorrow’s mobile vision at NTT DOCOMO's showroom

Japan’s leading mobile phone network operator selected Sony’s Crystal LED technology to present its vision for the next generation of communications with incredible 12K resolution.

How we helped

The Challenge

• NTT DOCOMO required a large-scale display solution for Future Station, its business showroom
• Phone operator needed to visualise 5G mobile applications with high definition, high contrast and low latency

The Solution

• Crystal LED technology creates super-size display with 12K resolution
• Individual display panels are combined to create large, gently curving display

The Outcome

• Viewers enjoy very high definition, high contrast video images with smooth movement
• Curved display gives powerfully immersive experience, with no visible gaps between modules

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Partners and employees have been stunned and impressed by the high definition and sense of depth of the video, and the sense that you are really there.

Koji Ono
First Communications Supervising Director, Advertising & Promotion Department, NTT DOCOMO

Bringing tomorrow’s 5G mobile vision to life

‘Future Station’ at NTT DOCOMO’s headquarters lets partners, staff and visitors experience the Japanese mobile operator’s vision for tomorrow’s fifth generation (5G) phone networks. The showroom uses a range of multimedia presentation tools to introduce the exciting possibilities of 5G. In the showroom’s ‘5G Vision’ area is a curving Crystal LED display system with astonishing 12K resolution. The super-sized display is used to present videos that showcase the possibilities brought by 5G’s high speed, large capacity, low latency and simultaneous connectivity.

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High definition and contrast, smooth movement

“In creating the ‘5G Vision’ area, we did it with the prerequisite to express the world of 5G through video”, says Koji Ono, First Communications Supervising Director, Advertising & Promotion Department, NTT DOCOMO. “To let visitors truly experience the future with 5G, we needed to totally immerse them in the content. Therefore, we needed a display solution with high definition and contrast that allowed movement to appear smooth, even when viewed close up. I’ve viewed many different LED displays, but was always concerned by the seams separating each unit. We wanted to improve immersion with a curved display: so I was concerned that the seam between adjoining LED units might stand out.”

Unmatched immersion and expression

“The moment I saw Crystal LED my concerns vanished. The seam is indistinguishable even when viewed up-close. And even when constructed in a curve, the pixel pitch of the units is perfectly preserved. We considered several LED displays, and in terms of high definition, high contrast, and immersion with overwhelming expressiveness, the best one to portray the world of 5G by video is Crystal LED.”