UP-55MD (UP55MD)

A5 Analog Color Printer


High Definition Analogue A5 Colour Printer
UP-55MD now supports HD analogue video signals introducing new quality and value to surgical printer. As well as continued support for SD video signals , and the ability to auto detect the input standard, UP-55MD can accept 1080i and 720p HD video signals for flexible compatibility with a wide range of HD devices.

Images are printed, in full HD resolution, in just 20 seconds and, thanks to Sony Dye-sublimation printing technology, each one in photographic quality.

With its unique image copy function and USB port, conveniently located on the front panel, each HD image printed can be captured and saved to removable USB flash memory *.

UP-55MD is compact, lightweight and is easily installed on-cart or in space limited operating environments.


High definition analogue video support
Accepting 1080i and 720p HD analogue video signals, UP-55MD can now be connected to modern, HD surgical imaging devices and capture/print the full quality of their output.
Image Copy Function
Image Copy Function enables users to store printed images to a memory device inserted into the USB host port on the front of the UP-55MD. Images are saved in forms of JPEG and it is then possible to use them as common digitalized data for any other purpose such as medical report, presentation, and any other documentation with the images. The saved images cannot be re-stored back to the UP-55MD to re-print. ** USB flash memory is available as an option, not supplied with the unit.
Multiple Print Mode
The UP-55MD can provide images in full, or with two, four and eight images split across a single sheet.
Superior Print Quality and Color Reproduction at 379 dpi Resolution
Thanks to dye sublimation printing technology, with a total gradation of 8 bits (256 levels) processing each for yellow, magenta and cyan, the UP-55MD provides photo-realistic quality prints.
Front Operation
Front operation offers easy maintenance and flexible set up even if it is installed on the cart.
Colour Balance Adjustment Capability
The colour balance adjustment function allows users to select the most suitable balance to match the expected colours for printed images. And three alternative gamma curves make it possible to adjust the best tonal range for each requirement.
Print Media
The UPC-55 Colour Print Pack consists of 2 ink ribbons and 2 packs (100 sheets per pack) of print media (178mmx152mm). One UPC-55 is for 200 prints.
Help Function
To reduce risk of a loss of images in a frame memory when an error occurs, the UP-55MD automatically saves them with all last menu setting into on-board Memory Stick when a mechanical error occurs. Users can reprint the saved images in Memory Stick with the UP-55MD. The attachment position of Memory Stick is inside the front panel. The Memory Stick is accessible only by service people. The data in Memory Stick can be printed out only with the UP-55MD.


Generic Specifications
Printing Method:
Dye sublimation printing
Thermal Head:
379 dpi
8 bits (256 levels) processing each for yellow, magenta and cyan.
Effective Print Pixels:
2,528x1,920 dot
Printing Area:
169mmx129mm (6 3/4 x 5 1/8inch)
Print Media Size
178mmx152mm (7 1/8 x 6 inch)
8 Frames
Printing Speed: (High-speed mode)
Approx. 20 sec.
Media Capacity:
Max.100 sheets
Input/Output Connectors
R/Cr, G/G+S/Y, B/Cb, SYNC*, Video, S-Video
External memory terminal
Memory Stick Slot (Built-in) USB host port (USB flash memory is not supplied, available as an option.)
Controls Connectors
RS-232C, Infrared remote control, Remote 1,2
Max. Power Consumption:
100-120V: 2.8A, 220-240V: 1.2A
280(W) x 125(H) x 398(D)mm (11 1/8 x 5 x 15 3/4 inches)
Approx. 9 kg (19 lb 13 oz)
Print Media:
UPC-55 (Color print pack)
Supplied Accessories
- Ink ribbon holder (1) - Paper Tray (1) - Operating instruction leaflet “Before Using This Printer” (1) - Instruction for use ( English, French, German) (1) - CD-ROM ( PDF files of multi-lingual instructions for use) (1) - Service and Customer Support Information (1)

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