RYZ-ASW (RYZASW)Discontinued

Authoring software for Sonic Surf VR


This spatial audio design software is intended exclusively for use with Sonic Surf VR system.

It allows audio designers to create immersive sonic spaces by accurately defining and placing individual audio 'objects', with precise control over position and dynamic trajectory for multiple audio objects.

The RYZ-ASW also allows audio partitioning, separating the sound field into a number of defined areas with separate audio objects assigned to each area - ideal for ‘headphone-free’ multi-language audio commentary at museums, galleries and theme parks.

Audio scenario files created using RYZ-ASW are copied to a workstation running RYZ-PSW player software to realise a fully immersive Sonic Surf VR spatial audio experience.

Sonic Surf VR combines state-of-the-art audio processing with advanced multi-channel speaker technology to create spatial, dynamic soundscapes. Ideal for theme parks, exhibitions, museums, planetariums and corporate showrooms, Sonic Surf VR adds an exciting new dimension to today’s immersive entertainment experiences. Discrete sound sources create a dynamic sense of movement, with sounds that appear to move convincingly across, around or towards the listener.

Note: Operation requires RYZ-AS108 multi-channel active speaker and RYZ-CU164 control unit plus appropriate license.


Design immersive sonic environments
Define, locate and precisely plot the dynamic trajectory of multiple audio objects to create dynamic, immersive sound spaces for visitor attractions and corporate AV applications.
Audio partitioning
It's easy to create powerful partitioning effects that focus individual audio objects on specific locations.


Authoring software [*1] [*2]

*1) 360 days License [RYZ-ALY1] is required to run RYZ-ASW.
*2) Windows version / MAC version are available.
Authoring software 360 days license. {*1]
*1) License is for 1 x user.