Filmmaking Tips for Professionals

A Series of Video Tutorials for both ILC and Pro Camcorder

Leading filmmakers share their tips for shooting video with an α7III ILC ‘stills’ camera and FS5 II professional video camcorder. Both cameras can shoot high quality video and this series will show how to get the best results with each. The tutorials will also explore how and when to use which camera for optimum results.

Introduction to Shooting Video with Den Lennie

Den Lennie has shot thousands of hours of network television and corporate production as a cameraman, DOP, Colourist, director and producer. His ten short videos cover everything from exposure basics to sound recording through to advanced features such as Picture Profiles, High Frame Rate shooting and Variable ND filter.

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Shooting scenarios with Nicholas Takeyama

Nicholas Takeyama is a Tokyo-based Film Director and DoP who’s worked on films, music videos and commercials. His tutorial videos provides useful tips from what he thinks are the most essential accessories for camcorders and cameras, including lenses, tripods, lights and monitors, to how to shoot impactful portraits and product shots.

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From photography to filmmaking with Nicholas Takeyama

This series is designed to help photographers who wish to shoot video as well as stills. It covers everything from pre-production through to differences (and similarities) for stills and video editing, plus the art of colour correction.


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Over the coming months, Den Lennie and other filmmakers will add further tutorials covering almost every aspect of professional video production. To be alerted when new videos are released, please follow us to see all the latest updates from Sony, including camcorder news, special events and promotions.