All the inside details on Sony’s flagship compact Full HD NXCAM camcorder

When will the HXR-NX5R be available to buy?

The HXR-NX5R will begin shipping in September, however regional availability may vary according to local regulations – please contact your Sony Specialist for more information.

What is the core concept of the HXR-NX5R?

The NX5R takes the proven, high performance Full HD imaging performance of the HXR-NX3 and integrates latest generation features – including integrated wireless networking (streaming, remote operation and FTP), Clear Image Zoom, 50Mbps XAVC S recording and more – to deliver the ultimate cost-effective, multi-purpose Full HD camcorder.

What are typical applications for the NX5R?

Offering superb Full HD picture quality, advanced functionality and easy set-up, the NX5R is ideal for a wide-range of professional applications, from corporate to education, live events to weddings.

In combination with the all-new affordable switcher system, the compact camcorder is the perfect solution for corporate live events.

Sony recognises that today’s professionals often have to switch between a wide variety of applications and the NX5R is designed to be flexible and fully featured to suit almost all requirements.

The camcorder’s compact size makes it ideal for shooting scenes that require high mobility. For example, it is ideal for interviews and can be operated by one person, or as a second camera for documentary shooting, educational users and governmental and public services applications.

Is this model a successor to an existing Sony camcorder?

Yes. It directly replaces the HXR-NX3/1 and, as the HXR-NX5R name indicates, is an update of the original HXR-NX5 flagship NXCAM camcorder. It builds on this legacy with the addition of the latest generation features and performance. Despite its advanced features, NX5R pricing is equivalent to the NX3 model it replaces.

What are the advantages of the NX5R compared to the original NX5?

The most significant enhancement is the NX5R’s more advanced three 1/2.8-type CMOS imaging sensors, supporting Full HD at 60p/50p with Sony’s new, high performance XAVC S codec recording at up to 50Mbps, as well as AVCHD. The original NX5 recorded 60i/50i AVCHD.

In addition, the NX5R has a 3G-SDI terminal supporting Full HD 60p/50p output, an OLED viewfinder, MI Shoe, built-in adjustable video light and advanced wireless workflow with support for remote operation over WiFI, streaming video and FTP file transfer.

The NX5R also enables relay recording using its dual media slots, which was not possible on the NX5, removing the need for the HXR-FMU128 accessory.

Sony’s advanced Clear Image Zoom technology is also available for the NX5R to extend its 20x optical zoom to 40x zoom.

What are the advantages of the NX5R compared to the NX3?

Although the HXR-NX3 included Clear Image Zoom, a video light and Wi-Fi remote functionality, the NX5R goes further with additional streaming and FTP file transfer. The NX5R’s video light also offers adjustable brightness, while the MI Shoe can power a range of accessories, such as Sony UWP-D Series wireless microphone systems.

The NX5R’s OLED viewfinder also offers superior monitoring, while the 3G-SDI interface provides direct connection for a Full HD workflow.

What are the camcorder’s key features?

The NX5R’s key features include:

  1. Stunning picture quality thanks to its three 1/2.8-type Full HD Exmor CMOS sensors
  2. A high-performance Sony G lens with a 20x optical zoom range
  3. Clear Image Zoom technology doubles this optical zoom up to 40x
  4. Multi-format recording, from 60p/50p XAVC S at 50Mbps to AVCHD and DV
  5. Direct Menu controls and a responsive joystick on the hand grip
  6. A high visibility wide viewing angle and high contrast 0.39-type 1440K OLED viewfinder and an easily adjustable, flip-out 3.5-type 1550K LCD
  7. Network functions including built-in Wi-Fi, live streaming, FTP transfer and smartphone or tablet control
  8. Dual media slots with Simul and Relay recording options
  9. A built-in adjustable LED light
  10. MI Shoe for power of accessories such as Sony’s UWP-D Series wireless microphone systems
  11. A choice of connections including 3G-SDI

What are the advantages of the NX5R's three 1/2.8-type 3CMOS sensor system?

The NX5R’s three 1/2.8-type Full HD Exmor CMOS sensors system delivers better image quality in Full HD than the original NX5. Providing a 2.07 million effective pixel count at the 16:9 aspect ratio, the system independently captures red, blue and green light, contributing to high resolution, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

An advanced LSI (that includes intelligent noise reduction, enhanced detail reproduction, and several distortion correction technologies) handles image processing and delivers notable improvements in overall image quality. Recorded images are remarkably lifelike in texture and detail.

What is NXCAM?

Introduced in 2010 with the NX5, the NXCAM product range was developed by Sony to provide professionals with highly cost-effective production tools using the then revolutionary MPEG4 AVCHD compression format to record HD content onto widely available and affordable SD Memory Cards. The latest NXCAM models such as the NX5R also feature XAVC S.

What is XAVC S and why does it matter?

XAVC S, first and foremost, offers stunning picture quality, but also workflow flexibility and storage efficiency. The XAVC S format was developed by Sony in April 2013, building on the basic concept of the original XAVC format used for professional recording. Already, it is supported by all the major Non-Linear Editing (NLE) systems. The NX5R also supports AVCHD and DV recording, so it is easy to stay with those established workflows, even though we think most people will quickly move to XAVC S.

In XAVC S, the NX5R uses the MP4 file format, sampling at 4:2:0 8-bit 50Mbps. Compared to AVCHD, XAVC S 50Mbps captures more details and less noise thanks to the higher bitrate of XAVC S.

Why doesn’t this model support 4K recordings?

The NX5R has been designed from the start to provide benchmark performance for Full HD productions. It provides multiple recording choices, including AVCHD and DV, which are suitable for conventional workflows, as well as the newly implemented XAVC S 50Mbps, which delivers better image quality. We believe this is where most people will be working with this camcorder and we wanted to fully dedicate the performance of the camera to Full HD.

Is it easy for the NX5R to be used in a multi-camera shoot?

The NX5R is ideal for use in simple multi-camera shoots and has been designed to work seamlessly with Sony’s MCX-500 multi-camera live producer. The MCX-500 makes it easy for a single camera operator to offer customers a high quality, multi-camera live production service, including live streaming and recording. Advanced functionality is supported with the RM-30BP Remote Commander, which gives you remote control of nearly all the functions of the NX5R. Up to three NX5R camcorders can be simultaneously controlled by the MCX-500. The MCX-500 and RM-30BP also allow for synchronised timecode recordings and a tally light system so you never miss a shot.

What can you do with the NX5R and the MCX-500?

The MCX-500 switcher is fully featured to allow a single operator to use up to three NX5Rs to live broadcast, web stream and/or record small to medium events in applications such as corporate, wedding, music concerts, sports, educational facilities and houses of worship. Flexible workflows for all these events include live streaming using services such as Ustream®, internal recording onto SD Card and remote control from an external computer and Tablet.

Are any firmware updates planned?

No, not at this time.

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