Re-imagine the future of media production

How will the trends of today help content communities push boundaries?

The abundance of technology trends impacting the media and broadcast industry continues to grow every day. For CTOs and CIOs it’s vital to make the right strategy changes at the right pace; on the business side the pressure is on to predict ROI around developing (and sometimes unproven) technology models, while also avoiding slow decision-making which risks missing out on game-changing opportunities.

In our conversations with customers we often come across questions like:

  • Will VR be the new 3D?
  • How can I get on the front foot as information security rises up the boardroom agenda?
  • Should we be investing in HD HDR rather than 4K?

And these customers are only going to find themselves with more questions over the coming years, yet relatively few black-and-white answers.

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Get our view on:

  • Cloud: As the industry places more trust in cloud technology its increasing use will result in greater efficiencies, more creativity, and new, innovative business models
  • Connectivity: Widespread 4G, the introduction of 5G and standardised IP connectivity will become common for both non-live and live content. This will increase flexibility and drive efficiencies within production, opening up the possibilities for more innovative and niche content
  • Big Data: Across the production chain, focus will move from asset to insight. Technology-literate teams will combine and analyse data to make better choices, key to staying ahead of the competition.
  • Convergence: With budgets continuing to be tight the convergence between IT and broadcast will only continue, driving greater efficiencies and flexibility for broadcasters that opens up new creative possibilities.

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