A clear picture for every medical student

Enrich training and knowledge sharing with AV/IT solutions for teaching hospitals

Helping educate a new generation of medical professionals

We are enhancing medical training with our solutions for capturing, displaying, recording, printing and sharing high quality clinical images.

Medical students attend a class with two displays showing two views of a surgical procedure.

Supporting seminars, workshops and hands-on training

Designed for smooth integration in modern clinical environments, our AV/IT solutions broaden opportunities for sharing high-resolution images within Operating Rooms and across the wider hospital campus. They are powerful tools to support more effective medical teaching, deepening engagement between students and clinicians with high-quality visual content.

Sony surgical display shows endoscopic procedure - aria hidden.

See more accurate detail in the OR

Our high-performance surgical monitors display clear, high-contrast images that allow students to view intricate detail of complex surgical procedures in the Operating Room. The slim, light 32-inch 4K LMD-X3200MD features a ‘clone’ output, allowing OR staff and students to see the exact image – including various settings such as picture-in-picture – duplicated on a secondary display or recorded for subsequent review and training.

Engage students in medical lectures and seminars

Compact  PTZ cameras combine studio-quality imaging with smooth, near-silent movements and powerful zoom, while our unique beamforming microphone ensures crisp, hands-free sound that every student can hear clearly. The groundbreaking REA-C1000 edge analytics appliance uses AI to make lectures more immersive and engaging for medical students. Add extra impact to lectures and seminars with our reliable, high-brightness laser projectors and slim Pro Bravia 4K professional displays.


Students in a clasroom observe Sony display with surgical procedure

Image recording and printing solutions for medical training

Our dependable solutions for capturing, storing, displaying and sharing video and still images enhance possibilities for high-quality medical teaching and training. They also allow surgeons and consultants to share knowledge and best practice with colleagues at live and virtual seminars and workshops.

Record and share with confidence

Our 3D and 2D medical recorders  capture video footage from today’s surgical imaging systems and other hospital modalities in crisp detailed 4K or Full HD. They are ideal for teaching and training, allowing high quality video content to be recorded and accessed across hospital networks by lecturers and students or shared at medical conferences.

Students in a clasroom observe Sony display with surgical procedure
Sony’s UP-DR80MD printer

Clear, lasting, trustworthy medical images

Certified for use in Operating Rooms, consulting suites and examination rooms, our high-speed medical-grade printers create lasting, high-quality records of medical procedures to support teaching and training. Our versatile wireless printing solution reduces cabling in the OR or ultrasound suite, simplifying installation and giving clinical teams extra workflow flexibility.