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Audio-visual technology for event production can draw your audiences deeply into each event. With the rise of social networking and advances in network infrastructure, you can now instantly share memorable moments of any event with an unlimited numbers of friends across the globe. And of course, this kind of coverage can be archived for sharing with friends or indeed with anyone around the world to be enjoyed an infinite number of times.

Our audio and video products and solutions offer superior quality and ease of use to professionals and first-time users alike.

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Live content production with Anycast Touch

Live streaming lets you share events and special moments wherever and whenever you wish. It’s a great opportunity to invite others in and share more than just a plain video image. Anycast Touch makes it easy for just about anyone to deliver a professional video experience incorporating music, fades, wipes, overlaps and other effects. Everyone can experience this new solution in live streaming, showcasing their important moments to viewers across the world.

Live streaming is an excellent way to extend the reach and significance of all kinds of events, including public events at community centres, schools and public offices, and commercial events in shopping plazas and malls.

Until recently, anyone wishing to use live streaming had to deal with issues of transporting cumbersome equipment, connecting up numerous components, and selecting appropriate and often complex settings. Sony’s Anycast Touch Live Content Producer (AWS-750) removes these obstacles and eliminates the need for expertise. Anycast Touch systems are highly mobile and can be set up quickly and easily in almost any location.

Anycast Touch is a compact solution incorporating all of the functions and features you need to produce an event. Create very effective broadcasts without the need for complicated connections, time-consuming setup tasks, or specialised production knowledge. Remote camera control allows a single person to operate multiple cameras with ease. Two touch panels – a main panel and a sub-panel – offer easy and intuitive operation. Image switching, picture-in-picture (PIP), and titling functions are all at the user’s fingertips.

Built-in streaming enables very effective live broadcasts and real-time webcasts. And our all-in-one switching system shows authentic news coverage with instant location switching. Anycast Touch is an extremely versatile Event Production platform designed to meet your needs.

All-in-one multifunctional system: Anycast Touch


The compact, lightweight unit can be set up anywhere, while a dedicated LCA-A750 carrying case is sold separately.


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Our IP Live solution with the NXL-IP55 can transmit high-quality video and audio with very low latency of less than one field (1/2 frame), giving a great sense of reality as if the viewer is actually there. It’s also ideal for live viewing of the event at a different venue.


IP Live Production unit NXL-IP55 transfered via Gigabit Ethernet to IP Live Production unit NXL-IP55

Main venue

Remote location (e.g. theatre, stadium)

Moments to capture forever

The importance of capturing and keeping every important moment is one of the main reasons why we have devoted so many years to perfecting high-quality imaging and sound technologies. And now, using Sony’s professional capabilities, these memorable events can be streamed live and shared with computers and mobile devices in real time, with friends and relatives both near and far.

Our live HD production system lets users leverage existing equipment when designing a setup to meet the scale and ambience of each event. The system is ideal for weddings, concerts, and other events, and scales easily for both small and large reception halls, religious venues, and other spaces.

Consider the benefits of using this system for a wedding, where space may be limited and camera movement restricted. With this setup, a single camera operator can easily control multiple cameras, and capture images from many locations without bumping into guests and without blocking anyone’s view. Because operation and control are so easy, users can get better results in less time, with fewer resources. And recorded content can easily be written to DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Our system is increasingly seen at a wide range of religious ceremonies, where it captures the full scene: the emotions, the words, the music and the feelings.

It’s also ideal for conferences, lectures, debates, and any other venues where clarity is essential to proceedings. In these cases, live relays over a network can help users get the information out cleanly, in real time and at low cost, resulting in a better experience for everyone.

Easy to set up and easy to operate, the system offers excellent production workflows in a wide variety of environments.

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Wireless microphones at audience events

In the past, performers typically shared a wireless microphone, but today, technology developments allow every performer to use their own wireless microphone during a performance.

The DWX Series from Sony has enabled this improvement with its large-scale simultaneous multi-channel operation capability, as well as the higher quality sound and higher reliability.

The series combines advanced digital technologies, world-leading analogue microphone expertise, wireless audio transmission technologies, and an enviable reputation for stability. By sending metadata transmission for monitoring the status of multiple transmitters and by using both a main link and a separate additional link, it’s possible to control transmitters remotely from the receiver. With many advanced features, the DWX Series has the potential to revolutionise the workflow of live theatre performances.

As well as offering large-scale simultaneous multi-channel operation, the DWX Series can be used with a wide range of popular lavalier and headset microphones to suit any theatre performance. Moreover, wireless studio PC application software and mobile application software can help to reduce complex system integration and enable simple daily operation.

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Technology: Audio

The history of the Sony microphone began in 1950 when, for the first time, Sony microphones and tape recorders were introduced to the world. Now, more than 60 years later, Sony is synonymous with the production and distribution of high quality professional audio products for news gathering, video production, live events and broadcast.

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