UNI-ORL7C2 (UNIORL7C2)Discontinued

Vandal resistant dome housing


Clear bubble vandal resistant dome housing
The Sony 7-inch Vandal Resistant Dome Housing protects a Sony SNC-RX series or SNC-RZ25N PTZ network camera in an outdoor location from weather and vandalism. The upper part of the housing is constructed of durable cast aluminium while the lower dome is made of an optically correct polycarbonate blend material. Built into the housing is a 24VAC heater module, allowing safe camera operation in temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C). A continuously operating blower keeps the dome from fogging up in high humidity. An internal camera power adapter eliminates the need to run two power cables to the housing. The dome on this housing is clear to allow maximum light transmission.
Any weather
Outdoor dome, UV protected. Thermostatically controlled heaters. 24 hour fan operation for effective heating and condensation protection.


Strong cast aluminium top and trim ring. Rugged optically correct polycarbonate lower dome. Strong cast aluminium top and trim ring.
Pendant mount, 11/2” NPT quick connect coupling.
24VAC input into enclosure, AC 24V feed to camera inside enclosure provided.
Accepts the SNC-RX530N, SNC-RX550N, SNC-RX570N and SNC-RZ25N cameras.