MFS-2000 (MFS2000)Discontinued

Compact SD / HD video switcher


Packed in an extremely compact chassis, the MFS-2000 switcher is ideal for use in small-scale OB vehicles, production studios and editing suites. With its multi-format capability, it allows you to operate in any current SD or HD format - making it an essential tool for your productions of today and tomorrow.

The system can be specified with any one of three control panels offering 1 or 1.5 M/E operation with either 12 or 20 XPT buttons. It can also be supplied with a 2 channel DME processor, including non-linear capability, a powerful frame memory and RGB colour corrector which are all available as options.

The MFS-2000 will suit any small scale production requirement where a fast operation is required. Its range of pre-programmed effects provides users with un-rivalled creative opportunities more usually found only on far larger production switchers.
Part of the Sony Family of Production switchers
The MFS-2000 has been designed to be part of the Sony family of production switchers. Operators familiar with the DVS-9000 or MVS-8000 series will feel equally at home using this system. In addition DME effects created on the larger systems can be imported and run from this unit.
Ideal for Live Operations
As standard, the MFS-2000 is supplied with all necessary components for live operation including both serial and parallel tally connections. Both panel and processor can also be fitted with redundant PSUs giving operators the additional security often required for live productions.
Multi-format Capability
The MFS-2000 is available in both standard definition and multi-format configurations.

All standard definition configurations are easily upgradable to multi-format operation with minimum cost implications, simply by upgrading the software. Such flexibility allows you to choose a switcher that meets your budgetary and operational needs, both now and in the future.
Integrated edit suite operations
With its unique integration with the XPRI editing system producers can instantaneously create an EDL of a live event. This can be imported into the XPRI timeline for subsequent editing based on the original crosspoint timing information.

The MFS-2000 can also be integrated into existing linear suites and with it's built in DME unit is an ideal choice for any such suite.


Useful preset effect patterns
With the MFS-2000, users can take advantage of stunning preset effect patterns, without the need for complicated programming. These are created using preset wipes and DME wipe patterns. The unit is also equipped with various effect modifiers that enable flexible pattern adjustments to be performed and memorized on the control surface. These useful presets allow you to create impressive visuals quickly and easily.
FlexiPad™Control Panel with Colour LCD Buttons
Using the FlexiPad™ control panel, you can store and recall operations such as Macro, M/E, and Effect Snapshot at the touch of a button. Colour LCD buttons indicate assigned functions and gives you an extremely intuitive operation.
Easy to Use Colour Touch-Screen LCD Panel
This gives you effective and straightforward menu control. A variety of operational parameters are displayed, which can be adjusted directly from the panel.
Multiple Peripheral Interfaces
Equipped with various peripheral interfaces, the MFS-2000 provides you with a powerful live production tool.

Through the 8 input/8 output GPI connector, many internal machine functions, including the operating format, can be switched remotely. An additional GPI port is provided on the control panel and an
S-BUS interface is also provided to which and MKS-8080/ 8082 AUX bus remote control panel can be connected.

For further advanced control the system can be integrated with an external device controller allowing VTR, Servers or other RS 422 device to be controlled as part of a switcher effect.
Integrated 2 Channel DME
As an option the MFS-2000 can be equipped with a powerful 2 channel integrated digital effects generator. This unit has been designed along similar lines as the internal effects unit for the DVS-9000 system and offers the following stunning effects; 2D/3D linear and non-linear transforms, Lighting, Shadow, Trail, Digital Sketch and Sparkle, Glow and Metal.
Frame Memory System
A powerful 6 channel frame memory is also available. This option offers two channel source busses, six independent O/P's with re-positioning and animation capability. The memory can store around 2100 frames of SD images (435 HD) and these stored images can be independently recalled to any of the six outputs in either still or animation modes.
Colour Correction
Full function 2 channel colour corrector is also available as an addition to the frame memory. This provides primary and secondary colour correction to any assigned signal.

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