Sony Healthcare research: The continuing impact of patient backlogs on the European healthcare industry

The updated research by Sony Healthcare Europe conducted for the third successive year in conjunction with Censuswide, explores the sentiments of European clinicians towards the current backlog of patients and includes evolving opinions on the potential of technology to reduce it.

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Patient backlogs continue to lengthen

On average, healthcare professionals surveyed anticipate it will take another 3.19 years to clear the existing patient backlog.

This is a slight increase from last year’s survey in 2022, where the average estimated backlog stood at 3.01 years. It also represents a further increase since 2021, when the average estimated backlog by survey respondents was 2.93 years.

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Mental health and wellbeing

Surgeons and oncologists have continued to report a deterioration in their mental health and wellbeing. 95% of survey respondents reported being negatively affected by at least one mental health-related issue over the last 12 months.

But the views of European surgeons and oncologists are not entirely negative. Almost half (45%) of survey respondents feeling some positive emotion toward their role in 2024.

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Supporting role of technology

“We know that no amount of technology can replace the hard-working and skilled professionals in the medical field. However, with these levels of both logistical and emotional burdens three years after the beginning of the pandemic, we cannot deny there is a strong sense of responsibility to provide support through our partnerships. Trust in technology has fallen once again this year and so our role as a responsible supplier isn’t to convince technology is the complete answer, but to actively listen and support staff to provide solutions that will genuinely ease their current day-to-day challenges.”

Ludger Philippsen, Sony’s Head of Healthcare Solutions Europe